Underwater LED Lights


Underwater LED Lights

Underwater LED lights are super bright, energy efficient, long lasting, and maintenance free. LED’s are the future of lighting… and the future is here today!

  • Flood The Water With Up To
    2,500 Lumens Of Light
  • Extremely Energy Efficient,
    Won’t Drain Your Battery
  • Lasts 40,000 Hours With
    Almost No Maintenance**
  • Save 71% Or More In
    Lighting Costs*
  • Virtually Maintenance Free For
    14 Years**
  • 3 Light Sizes To Choose From In
    5 Brilliant Colors

Underwater LED Boat Lights

Shadow-Caster underwater LED lights are known for being incredibly bright, using a minimal amount of power and lasting decades with virtually no maintenance. Careful Thermal Management And Constant Current Control Allow Shadow-Caster Lights To Maximize Light Output Without Sacrificing Lamp Life. The SC-10, Shadow-Caster’s most powerful light, draws only 3.5 amps and has a lamp life of 40,000 hours. There are never any bulbs or ballast to replace. In fact, the only maintenance your lights will ever need is an occasional light scrubbing.

    Super Bright
  • SCM-10 Puts Out Over 2,000 Lumens Of Light
  • SCM-6 Puts Out Over 1200 Lumens
  • SCM-4 Puts Out Over 800 Lumens
  • Super Efficient
  • Shadow-Caster’s Internal Digital Switching Power Supply Operates At 94% Efficiency Allowing Them To Shine As Bright At 9 Volts As They Do At 36 Volts
  • Cool
  • Heat Is An LED’s Worst Enemy. Advanced Thermal Management Allows Shadow-Caster Lights To Shine Brighter Then Other Brands Without Sacrificing Lamp Life
  • Self Contained
  • Everything Is Built Into The Light. There Are No External Drivers Or Power Supplies
  • Surface Mount Design – No Major Hull Penetration!
  • 3 Sizes And 5 Brilliant LED Colors To Choose From

Shadow-Caster underwater LED boat lights flood the water with up to 2000 lumens of light. They will operated anywhere between 9 volts and 36 volts with no difference in brightness. All of Shadow-Caster’s advanced features are built into the light. There are never any external power regulator or drivers to install. Features include internal surge protection, internal temperature protection and an internal digital switching power supply (constant current protection). These unique features protect the lights from the two main causes of premature failure in LED’s, power spikes and overheating allowing Shadow-Caster underwater lights to shine bright and operate completely trouble free for decades to come.

Shadow-Caster lights are beautifully designed with the look and feel of OEM equipment. They are built to last using 316 stainless steel for the bezel, back plate and screws and use a super tough polycarbonate lens to protect the LED’s. They are designed to be surface mounted and require only a small hole for the power cord. There is no major hull penetration!

Shadow-Caster lights come in 5 beautiful colors, Great White, Aqua Green, Bimini Blue, Ultra-Blue and Cool Red. They are a great way to attract fish, attract attention, or just relax and spend more time on your boat at night.

Underwater LED Dock Lights

Beautifying Your Waterfront Property Is Easy And Affordable.

Underwater LED dock lights make illuminating the water around your dock, seawall, pier or marina easier then ever before. We carry two different types of underwater LED dock lights, Fixed Lights and Floating Lights.

Fixed LED Dock Lights

Fixed lights are mounted directly to pylons, floating docks, seawalls and other structures. The 3 different light sizes and 5 different colors give you design possibilities you can find no where else. Mixing different light sizes and colors lets you accentuate the features of your property, creating a look that is unique to your location. The energy saving, low maintenance design will give you 14+ years of hassle free enjoyment. You will save over $600*** in energy costs over the life of the lights and there are never any bulbs or ballast to replace, EVER!

Floating LED Dock Lights

Floating lights are held to the bottom by a weight and strap. They create a pool of light up to 60 feet across that beautifies the water and attracts fish.

*Compared to 150 Watt MH underwater dock lights.
**Requires an occasional light scrubbing.
***Based on operating the light 8 hours a day, 365 days a year at 14 cents / KWH.