Attached Underwater LED Dock Lights

Attached Dock Lights

Originally designed to go on your boat, perfectly designed to go on your dock!
Shadow-Caster underwater LED lights are perfect for docks, seawalls or piers. They can be easily mounted to any dock or seawall using stainless steel brackets and wired to shore power using an AC to DC power supply. Shadow-Caster underwater LED dock lights come in three different sizes and five amazing colors making it easy to mix and match light intensities and colors to give your dock or seawall it’s own unique lighting effect.

Installing Attached Dock Lights

Underwater LED Dock Light Setup

Attached LED Dock Light Setup

A- Electric Power Supply From Shore
B- Watertight Box Containing AC To DC Converter
C- Power Cord To Underwater LED Lights
D- Bracket
E- LED Dock Lights

Shadow-Caster Underwater LED’s come standard with 20′ of power cord. You can special order your lights with extra power cord. Extra cord is $1/foot. Allow an extra 7 – 10 days for lights special ordered with extra cord. Please use the form in the right hand column to contact our sales department when ordering lights with extra cord.

Comparing Lifetime Costs Of Shadow-Caster LED’s To Metal Halide Underwater Dock Lights

When comparing underwater dock lights, most people look no further then the initial cost of the lights. When compared this way, standard, old fashioned Metal Halide underwater lights are the clear winner costing almost $200 less. But, if you dig a little deeper and start comparing the extra costs associated with MH lights, it becomes clear that , over there lifetime, Shadow-Caster underwater lights are the better bargain. Here is how the costs break down.

Cost of Light:
Shadow-Caster SC-10- $609
175 watt MH Light- $425

Lifetime Cost Of Electricity*:
SC-10- $201
MH Light- $840

Lifetime Cost Of Replacement Bulbs*:
SC10- $0
MH Light- $210

Lifetime Cost Of Replacement Ballast*:
SC-10- $0
MH Light- $72

Total Lifetime Cost*:
Shadow-Caster SC10- $810
Metal Halide Light- $1547

You Save 52% Over There Lifetime!

*Over 13.7 years
Please Read My Post, “LED’s Cheaper Over There Lifetime” For The Full Breakdown Of The Associated Costs.