Top 4 Boat Fueling Tips

The problems ethanol fuel causes boaters are well documented. It attracts and absorbs water, loosens debris in fuel systems, and can lead to costly breakdowns or even leave you stranded on the water. Follow these 4 boat fueling tips to protect your engine and ensure trouble free boating all season. Buy fuel with no ethanol … Read more

New Propellers From BBlades

BBlades has introduced two new propellers for Bravo-style sterndrive and large-outboards. The BBlades 4-Speed for sterndrives and the 4-Speed OB/FX for outboards. The new propellers were designed to improve performance on air-entrapment, multistep and V-bottom hulls. A large blade design helps them hook up in aerated water produced by stepped and air-entrapment hulls. It also … Read more