LED Boat Deck Lights

LED Boat Deck Lights

The interior of your boat has never looked so good. Shadow-Caster, the leader in underwater LED illumination, allows you to light up the the recessed areas of your boat’s interior and deck space the Accent Lighting Controller, LED Courtesy Lights and LED Strip lights.

accent lighting controller

Accent Lighting Controller– The ALC control box provides a convenient way to wire and control your LED deck lights. It allow you to change the color of your deck lights between blue, red, green and white by toggling the power switch. The switch includes an integrated light dimming feature letting you easily select your lights output intensity. The ALC Controller is Shadow-NET enabled letting you combine it with the SCM-PD Plus or SCM-PD Plus WC power distribution box for total control of your deck and underwater lights.

led deck light strip

LED Strip Lights– Shadow-Casters high intensity RGB strip lights are water proof and thin enough to easily hide in the coves and recessed areas or your boats deck and interior. These color changing lights come in your choice of either 8′ or 16′ lengths. The Shadow-Caster Accent Lighting Control System allows you to put light where you want it, accenting your boats best features.

scm-cl white

scm-cl stainless steel

Courtesy Lights– Shadow-Casters edge lit courtesy lights come in your choice of colors, Bimini Blue, Aqua Green, Cool Red, Great White, or a color changing model. You also get to choose weather your light has a white or stainless steel finish. They measure only 3″ x 0.78″ x 0.1″ and are submersible They are great way to light your bait well, accessory boxes, or other compartments on your boat. RGB models need to be used with the ALC controller.

The ALC System Includes

  • ALC Control Box- IP 65 Washdown rated enclosure 6 3/4” Long x 4 3/4” Wide x ½” Tall
  • LED Strips- 8 or 16 ft Long.
  • Integrated Color Changing and Light Dimming Feature
  • SCM-ALC-Box $399.00 – Accent Lighting Controller
  • SCM-ALC-8 $99.00 – 8 feet of strip lights
  • SCM-ALC-16 $159.00 – 16 feet of strip lights

LED Courtesy Lights
White- Single Color $29.95

  • White- Color Changing $34.95
  • Stainless Steel- Single Color $33.95
  • Stainles Steel- Color Changing $38.95