New Propellers From BBlades

New Propellers

BBlades has introduced two new propellers for Bravo-style sterndrive and large-outboards. The BBlades 4-Speed for sterndrives and the 4-Speed OB/FX for outboards.

The new propellers were designed to improve performance on air-entrapment, multistep and V-bottom hulls.
A large blade design helps them hook up in aerated water produced by stepped and air-entrapment hulls. It also helps with drives mounted at aggressive X-dimensions and outboards with a high installation.

An extended exhaust tube length improves planing times and acceleration. The tube isn’t flared at the end, however, meaning reduced drag and increased top-end speed. The 4-Speed and 4-Speed OB/FX also come with BBlades adjustable Controlled Aeration Port System (CAPS).

Read more about the BBlades 4-Speed and 4-Speed OB/FX props at Boating Magazine or at BBlades.

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