Attached Underwater LED Dock Lights

Attached LED Dock Lights
Flexability is what you get with Attached Underwater LED Dock Lights.
Illuminate the perimeter of your dock.
Add light to slips for easy docking at night.
Flexible. Combine larger, brighter lights, with smaller lights to highlight specific areas of your dock.
Customize the look of your dock with one of 5 colors or make it truly unique with color changing LEDs.

Attached Underwater LED Dock Lights can be easily mounted to stationary or floating docks using stainless steel brackets. Power is supplied to the lights from an A/C to D/C power converter mounted to the dock in a watertight box. The lights come in three different sizes and five amazing colors making it easy to mix and match light intensities and colors to give your dock it’s own unique lighting effect.

Attached Dock Lights

Installing Attached Dock Lights

Underwater LED Dock Light Setup

Attached LED Dock Light Setup

A- Electric Power Supply From Shore
B- Watertight Box Containing AC To DC Converter
C- Power Cord To Underwater LED Lights
D- Bracket
E- LED Dock Lights