The Secret To Awesome Boat Deck Lights

Single color boat deck lights are nice. Multi-color Boat deck lights are awesome!

Single color boat deck lights are OK. They look nice, come in a few colors, and do a good job of lighting your deck.

But that’s about all they do. Turn them on, turn them off.

Yawn, how boring.

It’s a shame because LED boat deck lights can do so much more for your boat.

Multi-Color Boat Deck Lights

You see, LED lights have a huge advantage over the incandescent lights they replaced. Not only are they much more efficient, but they are also much more compact and are easy to control.

LED light chips are tiny. Because of their small size manufacturers can fit three or even four chips into almost the same footprint as a single color LED. These are known as RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White) lights.

RGB and RGBW lights can produce hundreds of different colors. The difference between the two is that RGBW lights add a white LED for a more natural white light. This can be important when you are adding accent lighting to your cabin or galley. The truer white light will make it easier to see when reading or cooking. But for boat deck lighting it is not that important.

LED Light Controllers

The secret to awesome boat deck lighting is in the light controller.

A lighting controller allows you to change colors or adjust the brightness of the light. They will make your lights flash, fade from full brightness to off then back again, or even cycle from one color to the next.

There are several light controllers available. The best one for your boat depends on your needs, your budget, and how your boat is set up.


SCM-SNLC- A budget-friendly LED light controller all of your multi-color boat deck lights and underwater lights.

  • Control all of your lights as one through a single momentary rocker switch.
  • 12 Pre-programed colors
  • IP67 rated box makes wiring a snap and protects your wiring from moisture.

4 zone led light controller

SCM-ZC- This controller is for boaters who are serious about the tech on their boat.

  • Fits into a standard 3” gauge hole.
  • Easy push-button programming.
  • Control 4 zones of lights together or separately.
  • You can even sync your lights to music.


SCM-MFD-Kit- The ultimate boat lighting controller allows you to control all of your boat accent lightings from a multifunction display.

  • Works with many Garmin, Simrad, B&G, and Lowrance MFDs
  • Control up to 6 zones of lights.
  • Easy touch screen programming.
  • Have complete control over your boat lighting.

The real secret to awesome boat deck lights is that almost any boat can have them. No matter how expensive, or inexpensive your boat is there is a light controller to fit your needs and your budget. And best of all, you don’t have to skimp on quality or features.

Go to our LED Light Controllers page to find the right boat deck light controller for your boat.

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