What Every Boater Should Know About RGB Strip Lights

rgb boat strip lights

Silicone Encased LED Strips RGB boat strip lights transform ordinary boat lighting into something special. The glow of the lights makes your boat look awesome. Additionally, it makes your boat safer to use at night. Because of this, you’ll have more quality time boating with your family and friends. LED boat light strips are waterproof, … Read more

Mult-Color LED Boat Lights

boat deck lights

Multi-color LED boat lights give you two or three colors from a single light. White and blue or white, blue, and red. Both LED underwater lights and LED boat deck lights are made in multi-color versions. Light as a Tool When it comes right down to it, light is a tool that helps us perform … Read more

Boat Lights Dance To Music

boat lights dance to music

How do you make boat lights dance to music? With a light controller that syncs your lighting system with the music playing through your sound system. It’s not something you want to do all the time of course. But when the party’s on you want your boat lighting to impress. And lights that pulse and … Read more