Track Storms and Other Boats at the Same Time: HALO20+


Image by Moloney from Pixabay It’s another busy weekend on the water. Suddenly, the rumble of thunder catches your attention. Time to head back to the marina. The problem is that all the other boats have come to the same conclusion. Now there’s a mad dash of dozens of boats all heading for port at … Read more

Mercury Bravo Four S Tow Sport Drives

tow sport drive

Forward Facing Drive and Smart Controls Mercury Marine has announced a new line of forward-facing tow sport drives for MerCruiser engines, the Bravo Four S. According to, forward-facing tow sport drives are highly efficient and provide superior handling. But the Bravo Four S takes tow sports to a new level. Mercury combined its new … Read more

Multifunction Display for Your Pocket

It’s like having an MFD, that controls everything on your boat, right in your pocket. Siren Marine 3 Pro Wins Innovation Award recently announced that Siren Marine has won the 2020 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award for the Siren 3 Pro Connected Boat┬« Technology. Siren Marine was recognized … creating and applying … Read more

How to Protect Your Boat and Keep Your Crew Safe

kill coard

An unattended boat spinning out of control. It makes for a mesmerizing YouTube video but in reality, it is a scary and dangerous situation. Fortunately, situations like this can be prevented with the use of a kill cord switch. Kill Cord to the Rescue A kill cord switch is a device that attaches to your … Read more

How To Choose Boat Underwater Lights

boat underwater lights

What Underwater Lights are best for Your Boat? That depends. Boat underwater lights should be matched to your boat and the water you boat in. But they should also make your boat more fun to use. Let me explain. Boat underwater lights should do four things. Give even light coverage across your transom. Shine deep … Read more

The Secret To Awesome Boat Deck Lights

boat lights dance to music

Single color boat deck lights are nice. Multi-color Boat deck lights are awesome! Single color boat deck lights are OK. They look nice, come in a few colors, and do a good job of lighting your deck. But that’s about all they do. Turn them on, turn them off. Yawn, how boring. It’s a shame … Read more