The Secret To Awesome Boat Deck Lights

boat deck lights

Single color boat deck lights are nice. Multi-color Boat deck lights are awesome! Single color boat deck lights are OK. They look nice, come in a few colors, and do a good job of lighting your deck. But that’s about all they do. Turn them on, turn them off. Yawn, how boring. It’s a shame … Read more

Taking Boat Cockpit Lights To The Next Level

Boat Cockpit Lighting

Technology should move us forward. Not leave us standing still. So why don’t boaters take advantage of all LED boat cockpit lights have to offer? Boat Cockpit Lights Many boaters think cheap LED lights are a good enough way to upgrade their boat lighting. After all, they fit almost anywhere, come in several colors, and … Read more

The Secret Of LED Dock Lights That Last

Incredible Underwater Dock Lights Apolo IRIS Blue/White

Bright, energy-efficient, long-lasting. Incredible Underwater LED dock lights are everything you should expect from a dock light. When properly cared for they will bring your family decades of peaceful evenings under the stars and hours of enjoyment watching fish swim in the light. Yes, they do require periodic cleaning. More in saltwater than freshwater. I … Read more

Boat Deck Light Controller For The Rest Of Us

LED pontoon boat sidelights

A boat deck light controller doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Yes, they look awesome. The color-changing LED deck lights on those big luxury boats. Hay, your boat would look that good too if it had multi-color deck lights. And if they dimmed and flashed and cycled between colors like the big boys. Now that … Read more

Underwater Boat Light Wiring Done Right

boat underwater lights

Power distribution boxes keep underwater boat light wiring orderly and trouble-free while giving you a way to control your lights. The SCM-PD+ is a power distribution box for underwater boat lights and underwater yacht lights. This watertight box powers and controls up to six single-color, two-color, or color-changing underwater lights. Who Needs the SCM-PD+? Some … Read more