Blue Underwater Boat Lights

As the sun begins to slip below the horizon you flip on your underwater lights. The blue glow from the water makes the yellow, orange, and red colors of the sunset even more beautiful. Soon, the sky grows dark. Fish dart in and out of the light while the stars shine overhead. It’s the perfect ending to a perfect day on the water.

Is this a dream?

Not if your boat is equipped with a pair of Shadow-Caster underwater lights.

The boat in the picture above has a pair of Shadow-Caster SCM-10 underwater lights in Bimini Blue. Not only do they enhance the colors of the sunset, but they also allow these boaters to relax on the water well into the evening.

Combined, these two lights draw only 7 amps. So they can let the lights shine all night long without worrying about running down their battery. They can spend hours fishing, partying, or just relaxing with friends or that special someone.

Bait Fish Swim in Blue Underwater Boat Lights

In the video above, hundreds of baitfish dart in and out of the underwater lights on the transom of this boat. It’s clear to see just how well underwater lights attract fish. In the video, it looks like the fish are feeding. In fact, they are.

The lights attract plankton.
Baitfish feed on the plankton.
The commotion of the baitfish in a feeding frenzy attracts the attention of large predatory fish.

You create a food chain that brings fish to the back of your boat with the flip of a switch!

What’s the Best Color for Attracting Fish?

The lights on this boat are Shadow-Caster’s Bimini Blue color. They are the most popular color sold and do an excellent job of attracting fish. However, Aqua Green, Great White, and Ultra-Blue light colors also work well to attract fish. In fact, the only color that doesn’t attract fish is Cool Red. It looks cool, but the fish don’t seem to care for it.

The fishing season is just around the corner. Get your blue LED boat lights today and bring the fish to you!

Visit our Underwater Boat Lights page to learn more about all of Shadow-Caster’s quality underwater LED lights.

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