Boat Flooring Buyers Guide

Boat flooring will transform a boat like no other upgrade. New flooring materials and designs offer options that can give any boat a unique style all its own.

This guide is for boaters who are ready to upgrade their boat flooring or are thinking about adding flooring for the first time. It will walk you through the different types of boat flooring, what options are available, and where to buy. If you find it useful, please share it with other boaters on your favorite social media site.

Boat Flooring Materials

There are three main types of boat flooring materials. Teak, carpet, and synthetic teak.

  1. Teak decks are now custom built, in factories, before being brought to the yacht to be installed.
  2. Weaved Vinyl carpets are beautiful, long lasting, and resistant to stains and mold. They give boaters more options in styles and patterns.
  3. Synthetic teak was originally made to look like real teak. It is now made in solid colors and patterns that can be highly customized.
New decking materials come in many different styles and colors.

Teak was the original boat flooring. It has been used to deck boats for centuries. Teak is beautiful, gives excellent traction, and is resistant to rot, decay, and insects. The wood remains stable with little warping even in wet conditions because of high levels of natural oils and silicates. It also remains cooler than other flooring options.
The biggest drawback to teak is the price. The wood alone runs over $8 per square foot. Building and installing the deck is labor intensive greatly adding to the cost. Teak decking is also high maintenance. It should be thoroughly washed once or twice a year and, if you want to keep it from turning grey, it must be sealed every 6 to 8 months.

Before 2008, marine carpet came in two styles. Cut pile and pattern weave. These carpets are the most economical marine flooring available and are an excellent choice for many boats. However, they come in a limited number of colors and weaves. If you want to give your boat a nicer, more custom look, take a look at weaved vinyl.

Weaved Vinyl is both beautiful and durable. It can be woven into hundreds of interesting patterns, designs, and colors. Weaved vinyl carpet is waterproof, easy to clean, stain resistant, and will not mold.

Synthetic Teak
Synthetic teak decking provides a soft, non-slip, surface that is durable, quiet and stain resistant. It can be used in areas as small as a swim platform or as large as the deck of a superyacht. One of my favorite things about synthetic teak is the number of color and style options. Colors and styles can be mixed together to give your boat a truly custom look. What started off as an alternative to teak wood yacht flooring has grown into a category all its own.

Where To Buy Marine Flooring

So where do you buy marine flooring? eBay? Amazon?
My advice is to go directly to the manufacturer. They have the greatest selection of colors and styles. They also have experts who will give you advice on how to fit and install your flooring.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association has 11 members who design and manufacturer marine flooring in the United States.

Teak Decking

Ideal Teak, Inc.
Phone: 1 250 591 5502
[email protected]
Custom pre-fabricated teak yacht decks and woodwork.

Teakdecking Systems, Inc.
Phone: +1 941 756 0600
[email protected]
Manufacturer of pre-assembled teak decks in modular form, caulking, epoxy adhesives, bio-degradable powder and liquid cleaners.

Marine Carpet

Corinthian Marine
Phone: 866-785-6507
[email protected]
Glue down or snap-in marine grade carpet that comes in a wide variety of piles, weaves, colors, patterns, and styles. The Corinthian website features a huge library of templates to fit many boat manufacturers and models. You can also create your own template or have a Corinthian Certified Dealer create one for you.

Dorsett Industries
Phone: 1-800-241-4035
[email protected]
Designs and manufactures quality marine carpet for OEM and the replacement market. Marine grade Pile carpet in 21 colors and Cut ‘N Loop in 6 colors. Call or email Dorsett for the distributor nearest you.

Infinity Fabrics LLC
Phone: +1-706-529-2241
[email protected]
Infinity was the first company to market marine weaved vinyl flooring. Infinity marine flooring comes in 23 different weaves in up to 20 different colors each. They also make marine weaved vinyl canvas products in 20 different colors.

Sparta Carpets
Phone: (800) 863-4747
[email protected]
Interior and exterior carpets in loop-pile, cut-pile, and patterned construction for the marine industry. 14 standard colors. Custom colors and snap-in mats are available.

Synthetic Teak

Flexiteek Americas, Inc.
Phone: +1 954 973 4335
Flexteek is a 100% recyclable synthetic teak decking with the look of real teak. It requires minimal maintenance and will not fade, dry out, or crack. The new Flexteek 2G is 35% lighter and stays cooler than other synthetic teak decking products. It comes in 8 plank colors, 12 caulk colors, and several trim styles.

Marine Mat, Inc.
Phone: 813 749 7112
[email protected]
Custom synthetic teak decking for kyacks, boats, and yachts. Marine Mat offers glue on or snaps in marine mats. More then just imitation teak, Marine Mat produces flooring in two textures, brushed and dimpled, 24 colors, camo, and imitation granite. They will even add custom logos, artwork or patterns into the flooring for you.

PlasDeck Inc.
Phone: 800.320.1841
Synthetic teak boat and yacht decking. PlasDECK comes in over 25 color combinations and can even be made with your own custom inlaid design. It can be ordered in 2″ or 6″ roles for DIY installation or custom made from templates. The new PlasDECK Eco Series was an Innovation Awards winner at the 2018 Miami Boat Show.

Plasteak, Inc.
Phone: 800.320.1841
Interior and exterior vinyl Teak & Holly marine flooring, Vinyl Diamond Plate flooring, and click together vinyl teak plank cabin flooring.

SeaDek Marine Products
Phone: 1.888.964.6860
If you are looking for truly custom boat flooring SeaDek has you covered. SeaDek is a soft, nonabsorbent decking material that gives excellent traction and reduced noise. It comes in two texture options, embossed and brusher, 7 design patterns, 23 colors, plus 4 camo colors. You can even have custom logos, artwork or patterns built into the flooring for you. SeaDek comes in multiple thicknesses from 5mm to 23mm and it has a built-in adhesive backing that makes installation quick and easy. Just measure, cut, peel and stick.

As you can see, there are lots of new flooring materials and designs available. Giving your boat its own custom style is easier than ever before. I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did please share it with the rest of the boating community on your favorite social media site.