Boat Lights Dance To Music

Shadow-Caster SCM-ZC

Are you going to the United States Powerboat Show in Anapolis, MD this weekend? If you are you owe it to yourself stop by Tent B23 to see the new SCM-ZC, Multi-Zone Controller from Shadow-Caster Marine LED’s.

The SCM_ZC lets you control four separate lighting zones on a boat or RV. Each zone cane be controlled individually and in sync with the other zones. It allows you to easily set the color and brightness of the lights or even set them to dance to music.

The Shadow-Caster SCM-ZC is Shadow-Net Enabled allowing it to interact and control Shadow-Caster underwater lights, deck lights, along with Wet Sounds LED Speaker Lights. The IP65 rated controller is built using a corrosion protected aluminum housing, polycarbonate face plate and stainless steel bezel. It fits into a standard 3″ gauge opening, operates at 10 – 30 Volts DC, and will handle up to 500 Watts of LED lights. It comes with a one year warranty and is Made in the USA.

Make sure you stop by Tent B23 to see the new SCM-ZC and all of Shadow-Caster’s LED boat lights.