OneNet: NMEA 2000 on Steroids


NMEA has a new standard, OneNet. OneNet links, controls, and monitors your boat’s electronics like NMEA 2000 but with the speed you need for radar, sonar, and video. NMEA 2000 NMEA 2000 connects, controls, and monitors all of your boat’s electronics. It allows marine electronics from different manufacturers to talk to each other and share … Read more

What is NMEA 2000 and How Does it Work?

nmea 2000

It’s never been easier to build a custom marine electronics system. NMEA 2000 allows your boat’s electronic devices to ‘talk’ to each other and share data through a single cable. It’s ‘plug-and-play’, robust, handles up to fifty devices, and allows you to monitor all of your boat’s systems. It makes boats lighter, more reliable, and … Read more

What Boaters Must Know About Boat Batteries

Boat Batteries

Without them, you are dead in the water. Boat batteries not only get you started, but they also give you the power to do all of the fun things you love about boating. Most boats have two types of batteries. Starting batteries and deep-cycle batteries. What makes a starting battery different from a deep-cycle battery … Read more

Boat Hurricane Plan Resource Guide

If you own a boat along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States you need to have a hurricane plan. As I write this, Texas is recovering from Hurricane Harvey and Florida is preparing for Hurricane Irma. Sandy is a not-so-distant nightmare as are many other storms. Preparation is the key to riding … Read more

Winterizing Boat Motors

Winterizing Boat Motors Checklist As the days grow shorter and the temperatures continue to drop it is time to make sure your boats motor is ready for the long winter ahead. To help you get ready, has published a list of tips for Winterizing Your Boat. I have taken the tips for winterizing boat … Read more