Boat Lights Dance To Music

boat lights dance to music

How do you make boat lights dance to music? With a light controller that syncs your lighting system with the music playing through your sound system. It’s not something you want to do all the time of course. But when the party’s on you want your boat lighting to impress. And lights that pulse and … Read more

Keep Your Cool With These 15 Small Boat Fridge

Built in Fridge

15 Boat Fridges Under 2 Cubic Feet It’s my least favorite thing about boating. Carrying 40 pounds of cooler, ice, drinks and food through the parking lot, across the dock, and then trying to wrestle it into the boat without killing myself. There has got to be an easier way. And there is, at least … Read more

Boat Flooring Buyers Guide

Boat flooring will transform a boat like no other upgrade. New flooring materials and designs offer options that can give any boat a unique style all its own. This guide is for boaters who are ready to upgrade their boat flooring or are thinking about adding flooring for the first time. It will walk you … Read more

Color Changing Lights That Rock Your Boat

Color Changing Lights in 4 Color Flash Mode In this YouTube video, Auto Lighting of Alabama demonstrates the Shadow-Caster SCM-CC’s, 4 color flash mode. SCM-CC/ SCY-CC Shadow-Caster Marine LED’s makes two LED underwater color-changing lights, the SCM-CC LED underwater boat light and the SCY-CC LED underwater yacht light. Both give you four of the most … Read more