The Secret Of LED Dock Lights That Last

Incredible Underwater Dock Lights Apolo IRIS Blue/White

Bright, energy-efficient, long-lasting. Incredible Underwater LED dock lights are everything you should expect from a dock light. When properly cared for they will bring your family decades of peaceful evenings under the stars and hours of enjoyment watching fish swim in the light. Yes, they do require periodic cleaning. More in saltwater than freshwater. I … Read more

Simple Dock Light Installation Trick

Incredible Underwater Dock Lights Apolo IRIS Blue/White

This one simple trick makes Apollo 40 and MegaWatt 100 underwater dock light installation even easier! My customers say it couldn’t be easier. Installing Apollo 40 and MegaWatt 100 dock lights that is. Dock Light Installation After all, it’s really only a four-step process. Take everything out of the box. Connect the strap to the … Read more

Solar Panels: What You Need To Know

solar panels

Your guests are about to arrive when a terrible thought enters your mind. Did your solar panels charge the batteries all the way? They didn’t finish installing the solar panels on your dock until yesterday. Is that enough time to charge your battery bank? You check the battery monitor and YES! They did charge the … Read more

How Solar Charge Controllers Work

solar charge controllers

Power in equals power out. Power out equals more fun! It’s a beautiful summer evening. A warm breeze blows as you kick back in the Adirondack chair on your dock. The stereo plays as you reach into the fridge to grab another cold one. You turn the LED lights up so that you can finally … Read more