How To Choose Boat Underwater Lights

boat underwater lights

What Underwater Lights are best for Your Boat? That depends. Boat underwater lights should be matched to your boat and the water you boat in. But they should also make your boat more fun to use. Let me explain. Boat underwater lights should do four things. Give even light coverage across your transom. Shine deep … Read more

Underwater Boat Light Wiring Done Right

boat underwater lights

Power distribution boxes keep underwater boat light wiring orderly and trouble-free while giving you a way to control your lights. The SCM-PD+ is a power distribution box for underwater boat lights and underwater yacht lights. This watertight box powers and controls up to six single-color, two-color, or color-changing underwater lights. Who Needs the SCM-PD+? Some … Read more

How To Wire Underwater Boat Lights

underwater boat lights

Underwater boat lights give your boat a serious wow factor. They are also great for fishing, relaxing, and entertaining. It’s no wonder they are such a popular upgrade. But what about installation and wiring underwater boat lights? Isn’t it complicated and costly? That all depends on how many lights you are installing and whether they … Read more