What Every Boater Should Know About RGB Strip Lights

rgb boat strip lights

Silicone Encased LED Strips RGB boat strip lights transform ordinary boat lighting into something special. The glow of the lights makes your boat look awesome. Additionally, it makes your boat safer to use at night. Because of this, you’ll have more quality time boating with your family and friends. LED boat light strips are waterproof, … Read more

The Secret To Awesome Boat Deck Lights

boat lights dance to music

Single color boat deck lights are nice. Multi-color Boat deck lights are awesome! Single color boat deck lights are OK. They look nice, come in a few colors, and do a good job of lighting your deck. But that’s about all they do. Turn them on, turn them off. Yawn, how boring. It’s a shame … Read more

Taking Boat Cockpit Lights To The Next Level

Boat Cockpit Lighting

Technology should move us forward. Not leave us standing still. So why don’t boaters take advantage of all LED boat cockpit lights have to offer? Boat Cockpit Lights Many boaters think cheap LED lights are a good enough way to upgrade their boat lighting. After all, they fit almost anywhere, come in several colors, and … Read more

How To Light Your Boat Like A Pro

Great Boat Lighting Is Everything As the sun drops below the horizon your wife smiles and looks at you with eager anticipation. You smile back, reach over, and turn on your boat lights. “Oh wow! That’s awesome!” you hear from your friends behind you. You’ll never get tired of hearing that. It’s the same reaction … Read more

The Ultimate LED Lighting System

How do you create the ultimate LED lighting system for your boat or RV? With the ultimate LED light controller. Check out the video below showing Wet Sounds XS-650 RGB speakers and Shadow-Caster SCM-CL RGB courtesy lights being put through their paces by a Shadow-Caster SCM-ZC Zone Controller. The SCM-ZC, sold as the WS-4Z by … Read more