Boat Lights Dance To Music

Are you going to the United States Powerboat Show in Anapolis, MD this weekend? If you are you owe it to yourself stop by Tent B23 to see the new SCM-ZC, Multi-Zone Controller from Shadow-Caster Marine LED’s. The SCM_ZC lets you control four separate lighting zones on a boat or RV. Each zone cane be … Read more

Shadow-Caster LED Lights Demonstration

Captain Ted Jones of Pleasure Boater TV talks with Brian Rogers, President of Shadow-Caster Marine LED’s. We have a range of sizes of underwater lighting starting with the SCM-4, SCM-6, SCM-10, all the way up to the newly introduced SCY-40. SCY-40 is a lot of light. It comes in single color versions and color changing … Read more

Why Current Protection For Boat LED’s?

Proper current protection is an absolute must for any LED light that will be connected to your boats electrical system. With proper current protection your LED lights will probably outlast your boat. Without it they may only last a few hours. LED’s are semiconductors that produce light by moving electrons from a N-type (negative) material … Read more