Fish Snotty Weather With The Big Boats

When conditions get snotty you want a boat that can handle rough seas. According to Intrepid Powerboats the bigger the boat the better it handles rough seas.

Really rough seas require a boat that has a length of at least 30 feet. The larger the boat the less likely you will feel a jolt as the boat mounts the big waves.

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford a boat over 30 feet. Are we doomed to be stuck in port while the big boats catch all the fish?

Not any more!

Seakeeper 1 for Boats 23′ – 30′

The new Seakeeper 1 was designed from the ground up to fit boats between 23 feet and 30 feet in length. recently published a review of the Seakeeper 1, Seakeeper’s smallest gyro yet.

The Seakeeper 1 was engineered from the ground up for boats 23′ to 30′ in length.

  • The unit is quiet so it can be mounted close to the helm.
  • It flush-mounts to reduce the cost of installation.
  • The housing is made from plastic to give the unit a nicer look.
  • At only 17″ high it will fit inside a leaning post.

All of our other models are very much the same, We just kind of sized them down. They get smaller and lighter, but the overall geometry and mechanical makeup are the same. This time, we designed it how we wanted it to look first.

says Andrew Semprevivo, president and CEO of Seakeeper.

Revolutionary New Design

The key to making the Seakeeper 1 work on smaller boats is a newly designed flywheel and motor.

  • The flywheel spins at up to 9,750 rpm. Faster spinning flywheels can be made smaller and lighter.
  • The motor reduces spool-up time from 25 – 45 minutes down to 15 minutes.

Seakeeper 1 reduces roll by 95%. Your boat stays stable in conditions that would otherwise be unfishable for a smaller boat. Less roll means you’ll have a safer more enjoyable trip with less fatigue on you and your crew.

It has a retail price of $14,900 and is already available as an option on some new Jupiter, Regal, Cobia, and SeaVee boats. Seakeeper 1 will be available to the public in September 2020.

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