Lake Dock Maintenance Tips

lake dock
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Summer is approaching fast. Soon, your lake dock will become the center of all your summer activities. Now is the time to make sure your dock is ready for the busy boating season ahead.
Cottage Life has published a list of six things to do to make sure your dock is ready for the summer. Below is the short version of what they cover. Read the article for the foll story at

  1. Check hinges between sections of a floating dock.
  2. Remove moss and lichen to help prevent rott and slick surfaces.
  3. Install shock absorbers on floating dock anchor chains.
  4. Make sure your floating dock is properly anchored.
  5. Check for rot and rust under peeling paint, around hardware, and where parts meet.
  6. Can your dock be fixed or should you replace it? Cottage Life gives pointers on how to make that decision.

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  1. I’m getting a dock built for my boat soon and have been researching maintenance tips. I appreciate the tip to install shock absorbers on floating anchor chains because I would not have thought of that. I will also be sure to always check for rot and rust and to check the hinges, thank you!

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