LED Boat Deck Lights

Color Changing LED Light Strips

boat led strip lights

green LED light strip

Boat LED Strip Lights

  • Full Color Spectrum RGB Lighting
  • Thin, flexible, and waterproof.
  • Sold in 8′ or 16′ Lengths
  • Trim to fit your exact needs.
  • Requires Shadow-Caster Light Controller. (Sold Separately)

Boat Cockpit Lights and Cabin Lights

Blue LED boat deck lights

SCM-DL Down Light

LED Down Lights

  • Boat LED Cockpit Lights/ Interior Boat Lights
  • Powder Coated finish won’t scratch, chip, or fade.
  • Compact size, 2″ across 1/4″ thick, fits almost anywhere.
  • Colors: White, Blue/White, Blue/Red, RGB*
  • Change Colors and Dim Through a Standard Switch

Color Options

Single Color: White, Blue, or Red
Multi-Color: Blue/White or Blue/Red
Full Color: RGB*

LED Courtesy Lights

scm-cl stainless steel

scm-cl white

Flush Mount or Bracket Mount

  • Only 3″ long x 0.78″ wide x 0.1″ thick
  • Edge Lit. Lights the deck not your eyes.
  • Dimmable. Always have the perfect amount of light.
  • Single Color or Full Color RGB*

Finish Options

White or Black (Black available with RGB lights only.)

Color Options

Single Color: White
Multi-Color: Blue, White, or Red
Full Color: RGB*

Spreader Lights

SCM-SL Spreader Light

Flush Mount or Bracket Mount

  • 5″ wide X 1.5″ height X 1.3″ mounting depth
  • 1,500 lumens with a 60° beam angle
  • Flush Mount or Bracket Mount
  • Unique lens design provides even illumination without harsh glare.
  • Color options: White, white/blue/red, or RGB

Finish Options

White or Black (Black Finish Only Available in RGB)

Color Options

Single Color: White (6200 Kelvin Cool White)
Multi-Color: White, Blue, Red
Full Color: RGB*

*RGB lighting requires a Shadow-Caster light controller. (Sold Separately)

The SCM-CL is perfect for lighting steps, accessory boxes, storage compartments, and even your livewell. They are submersible, with an IP65 rating, and measure only 3″ long x 0.78″ wide x 0.1″ thick. They come in your choice of colors, Bimini Blue, Aqua Green, Cool Red, Great White, and even color-changing (RGB). You even get your choice of a white housing, to blend with your gel coat, or stainless steel if you want something dressier.

One color and Color Changing LED Deck Lights

Boat deck lights keep your crew safe and look good doing it.

LED boat deck lights have two main jobs.

  1. Light a space to make it safe to move around.
  2. Put light where it is needed to perform tasks.

But it dosen’t hurt that they make your boat look amazing as well!

The Right Light for the Job

There are three different types of LED boat deck lights.

  1. Courtesy Lights light the deck, stairs, and changes in elevation. They make it safe to move around without interfering with night vision.
  2. Down Lights mount to hard tops, T tops, and arches. They add extra light for reading, eating, or rigging tackle.
  3. LED Strip Lights, sometimes called under gunnel lights, provide general lighting. Their main job though is to make your boat look amazing.

How to Controll LED Boat Deck Lights

Single color and two color boat deck lights are controlled through a typical ON/OFF switch.
Single color and two-color (courtesy light and downlights) are controlled through a standard On/OFF rocker switch. Two-color downlights can even change colors and be dimmed with a regular switch.

RGB light require a Shadow-Caster light controller. The good news is that there is a light controller for almost any boat and any budget.

  1. SCM-SNLC: Budget-friendly, it controls all of your boats RGB lights through a single switch.
  2. SCM-ZC: Control four zones of lights, separately or together, through an easy-to-use command center.
  3. SCM-MFD-Kit: Control six zones of lights through your boats multi function display.

Light Controlers