LED Boat Deck Lights | Down Lights

led boat deck lights

LED Boat Deck Lights Make Your Boat Shine

Your boat is a reflection of you. When it shines, you shine. LED boat deck lights, coupled with a light controller, will let your boat shine.

Shadow-Caster LED deck lights are built in the U.S.A. for boaters by boaters. The compact design is almost invisible during the day. But at night, they transform your boat with awesome lighting effects that you control.

The Shadow-Caster 4 Zone Controller, or now the Garmin® OneHelm, put you in complete control of all your LED underwater and LED deck lights.

  • Change Colors
  • Change Brightness
  • Fade or Strobe in Single Color or Multi Color
  • Sync to Music

All in four separate zones that you control by themselves or all together.

Whether you are out for a night of fishing, cruising with friends, or spending a romantic evening under the stars, Shadow-Casters LED deck lights perform like no other lights can.

scm-dl down light


Down Lights

  • Compact Design
  • Bright, Even Light Coverage
  • Dimable
  • White, 2 Color, or RGB
SCM-AL underwater boat lights


Accent Lighting

  • Color Changing RGB
  • Control Color and Intensity
  • Flexible and Thin
  • Easy to Install
scm-cl white


Courtesy Lights

  • Compact and Ultra Thin
  • Great for Coves, Compartments, Livewells
  • White, Blue, Green, Red
  • Stainless Steel or White

Color Changing LED Strip Lights

led deck light strip

Color Changing LED Strip Lights

Change the look and feel of your boat with the push of a button. Entertain your friends on a rocking evening cruise one night then spend a romantic evening with your best girl the next. You are in total control of the color and intensity of your boat’s lighting when you combine Shadow-Caster LED strip lights with the SMC-ZC Zone Controller. (Sold Separately)

LED Down Lights

SCM-DL Down Light

Interior Boat Lights/Boat Cockpit Lights

White Powder Coating is harder and tougher than paint. Won’t scratch, chip, or fade.
Glass lens stands up to the elements and will never yellow.
At only 2″ across and less than 1/4″ thick, the SCM-DL will fit almost anywhere.
Four Color Options
White (Non-Dimmable)
Blue and White (Dimmable*)
White, Blue, and Red (Dimmable*)
Full-Color RGB (Dimmable*)
* Can be controlled using SCM-ZC or Garmin® OneHelm™

LED Courtesy Lights

scm-cl stainless steel
scm-cl white

Safety Should Not Hurt

Are you tired of bruises on your legs from courtesy lights that are always in the way? At less than 1/8″ thick, Shadow-Caster LED Courtesy lights are so thin you will forget they are there! Until you need them of course.

The SCM-CL is perfect for lighting steps, accessory boxes, storage compartments, and even your livewell. They are submersible, with an IP65 rating, and measure only 3″ long x 0.78″ wide x 0.1″ thick. They come in your choice of colors, Bimini Blue, Aqua Green, Cool Red, Great White, and even color-changing (RGB). You even get your choice of a white housing, to blend with your gel coat, or stainless steel if you want something dressier.