LED Boat Deck Lights

Marine LED Deck Lights

Great boat deck lighting starts with putting the right lights in the right places. Overhead lights illuminate the deck and helm so you can perform tasks and courtesy lights illuminate the deck so you can move around safely. It also doesn’t hurt to have accent lights to make your boat look awesome.

We sell a variety of LED boat deck lights for every kind of boat. From courtesy lights to LED light strips, downlights to spreader lights. Your boat will look awesome and be safer to use at night.

LED Boat Accent Lights

LED boat accent lights include boat LED light strips and round accent lights.

RGB Boat LED Light Strips

rgb boat led strip lights
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Round Boat LED Accent Lights

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Overhead Boat Lights

LED Boat Down Lights

Shadow-Caster SCM-DLX overhead boat light
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LED Boat Spreader Lights

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