RGB Boat LED Strip Lights

Shadow-Caster RGB Boat LED Strip Lights

Shadow-Caster offers three styles of color-changing LED accent lighting strips for boats, RVs, docks, or outdoor lighting projects.

SCM-AL light strips are encased in a clear silicone sleeve. The LEDs are visible when illuminated creating hotspots along the length of the strip.

Because of this, SCM-AL light strips should be mounted out of sight. Mount them under gunnels and seats, in coves, hatches, and other compartments where you want to add accent lighting.

SCM-AL-NEON and SCM-AL-NEON-Mini light strips are encased in silicone sleeves that diffuse the light from the LEDs. Their light illuminates the light strip evenly along its length. These lights can be mounted where they are visible.

All three SCM-AL Lights come in both 8 and 16 ft lengths. The light strips can be trimmed down in set increments to fit your needs.

All light strips are operated through a Shadow-Net® light controller.

SCM-AL: 8′ for $99.00

Length :

SCM-AL Light Strips

  • RGB LED light strips
  • Unlimited colors when used with a Shadow-Net® controller
  • 8′ or 16′ Lengths
  • Can be trimmed to fit smaller areas

What You Get

  • LED light strip
  • Mounting clips (1 per foot of length)
  • End cap (8’= 1, 16′ = 2)
  • 2-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

SCM-AL-NEON: 8′ for $124.99

Length :

SCM-AL-Mini: 8′ for $124.99

Length :


  • IP67 waterproof design. Light strips are encased in a silicone sleeve.
  • 20′ of four-conductor wire included.
  • Color-coded wires match light controller terminals for easy installation.
  • Comes in 8′ and 16′ lengths.


These specifications are the same between all three light strips. See the chart below for the differences.

  • Power: 15 Watts per Meter
  • Current Draw: 1.2 Amps per Meter
  • Voltage: 12 Volts Only
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Operating Temperature: -30 to 60° C
  • Jacket Material: Silicone
  • Lead Wire: 20′ of 4 conductor wire
  • Color: RGB
LEDs per Meter6096120
Dimensions0.2″ X 0.5″0.5″ X 0.8″0.4″ X 0.4″
Cut Length50mm31.25mm25mm
Bend Radius0.5″1.5″1″

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