Color Changing Boat LED Strip Lights

boat led strip lights

Color Changing Marine LED Light Strips in 8′ or 16′ Lengths

8′ LED Strip Lights $99.00

16′ LED Strip Lights $159.00

color changing boat led strip lights
The SCM-AL is a thin, flexible strip of color-changing (RGB) LED lights used as accent lighting on boats and RVs.

Color changing boat led strip lights are encased in a clear PVC housing that allows them to be mounted in areas exposed to rain and splashing water. Place them under gunnels, the dash, or the lip of bench seats.

They can even be trimmed and mounted in small coves to create awesome lighting effects.

Because they are RGB, (red, green, blue) LEDs, you will need a Shadow-Caster lighting controller. The lighting controller is what lets you change colors and dim the lights. With one, you can control all of your boat’s multi-color lights including RGB courtesy lights, downlights, and underwater lights.

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