Boat LED Courtesy Lights

scm-cl stainless steel

Stainless Steel Courtesy Light


One Color :

Color-Changing :

scm-cl white

White Courtesy Light


One Color :

Multi-Color :

How To Order

  • Finish Options: Stainless Steel or White.
  • Single Color: Blue, White, or Red.
  • Multi-color options: Blue and White or RGB.

2 Colors from 1 Light

Bimini Blue
Bimini Blue
Great White
Great White

Or 3 Single Colors

Bimini Blue
Bimini Blue
Great White
Great White
Cool Red
Cool Red

Ultra-Thin LED Courtesy Lights

LED courtesy lights so thin you won’t even know they are there…
until you need them!

Courtesy lights have two jobs.

  1. Put light where it is needed.
  2. To do #1 without being in the way.

The SCM-CL does both to perfection!

This ultra-thin beauty produces more light than old-style incandescent courtesy lights but uses only around 10% of the energy.

It is edge-lit so it puts light on the deck where you need it not into your eyes.

The SCM-CL is dimmable so you will have the perfect amount of light whether entertaining or fishing.

Several colors and color combinations to get the perfect look for your boat.

At only 3″ long, .78″ wide, and .2″ thick, there is almost nothing to bump your leg into or catch ropes or fishing line on.

The only time you will know it is there is when you realize how good it makes your boat look.

RGB and Blue/White boat LED Courtesy Lights can only be operated through a Shadow-Caster LED Light Controler.

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