SCM-DL | LED Down Light

SCM-DL Down Light


LED Down Lights

Good Lighting is Not an Option

Boaters ask a lot from their lights. Sometimes you need enough light to tie a knot or serve guests. Other times you need just enough light to see objects in the cockpit without blinding you to objects on the water. Then sometimes you just want a light that increases your boats “cool” factor.

Space is always an issue on a boat. It is hard enough finding room for one light, less alone three. What we need is one light, that can do everything we ask, but takes up almost no space.

The Shadow-Caster SCM-CL is that light.

At only 2″ across and less than 1/4″ thick, the SCM-CL can be mounted almost anywhere on your boat. Put light where you need it, not where it will fit.

Any Color You Want

The SCM-CL comes in four different color options.
White– Best for interior cabins, heads, galley or wherever you need bright white light. White is non-dimmable.
White/Blue– Perfect for lighting cabins, dining areas, and transoms. Choose white when you need to see clearly. Switch to blue for a more mellow tone. White/Blue is dimmable.
White/Blue/Red– This is the light you want illuminating your helm. White for when you need to see clearly. Blue looks amazing, red for improved night vision. White/Blue/Red is dimmable.
Color Changing– When you want it all. Color Changing Downlights can be synced with your color changing underwater lights and deck lights. Change colors, brightness, fade, strobe, or make your lights dance to the music with the SCM-ZC Zone Controller or Garmin® OneHelm™.


  • White Powder Coat Finish- Harder and tougher than paint. It won’t scratch, chip, or fade.
  • Glass Lens- Stands up to the elements and will never yellow.
  • Size- At only 2″ across and less than 1/4″ thick, the SCM-DL will fit almost anywhere. Mounting hardware is included.

    Four Color Options

  • White (Non-Dimmable)
  • Blue and White (Dimmable*)
  • White, Blue, and Red (Dimmable*)
  • Full-Color RGB (Dimmable*)

* Controlled using SCM-ZC or Garmin® OneHelm™