SCM-DL | LED Down Light

SCM-DL Down Light
White $89.00

Blue/White or White/Blue/Red
Blue/White :

RGB $102.00


Bimini Blue
Bimini Blue
Aqua Green
Aqua Green
Great White
Great White
Cool Red
Cool Red

LED Down Lights

Good Lighting is Not an Option

Overhead lighting is crucial to a safe and enjoyable night on the water. Down lights have several tasks that they must perform well.

At times, they need to deliver bright white light for reading maps or rigging fishing gear. Other times they should produce a soft glow for dining or entertaining. Still, other times they need to produce low levels of red or blue light to increases night vision. And they should always increase your boat’s “cool” factor.

Do we need three different lights to cover all of these tasks?

No, you need Shadow-Caster SCM-DL LED Down Lights.

The SCM-DL can be used to replace existing lights or add new lighting to your boat. They work equally well in the cabin, in the cockpit, or under a T-top.

The SCM-DL is dimmable and comes in several color options.

  • White
  • Blue/White
  • White/Blue/Red
  • RGB

At only 2″ across and less than 1/4″ thick, the SCM-CL can be mounted almost anywhere on your boat. Put light where you need it, not where it will fit.

Any Color You Want

The SCM-CL comes in four different color options.
White– Best for interior cabins, heads, galley or wherever you need bright white light. White is non-dimmable.
White/Blue– Perfect for lighting cabins, dining areas, and the stern. White allows you to perform tasks when you need to see clearly. Blue gives enough light to move around the deck safely and maintains night vision. White/Blue is dimmable.
White/Blue/Red– This is the light you want illuminating your helm. White for when you need to see clearly. Blue or red for improved night vision. White/Blue/Red is dimmable.
Color Changing– When you want it all. Color Changing Downlights can be synced with your color changing underwater lights and deck lights. Change colors, brightness, fade, strobe, or make your lights dance to the music with the SCM-ZC Zone Controller or Garmin® OneHelm™.


  • White Powder Coat Finish- Harder and tougher than paint. It won’t scratch, chip, or fade.
  • Glass Lens- Stands up to the elements and will never yellow.
  • Size- At only 2″ across and less than 1/4″ thick, the SCM-DL will fit almost anywhere. Mounting hardware is included.

    Four Color Options

  • White (Non-Dimmable)
  • Blue and White (Dimmable*)
  • White, Blue, and Red (Dimmable*)
  • Full-Color RGB (Dimmable*)

Multi-Color LED Down Lights can only be operated through a Shadow-Caster LED Light Controler.

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