Control a single zone of color-changing lights, RGB or RGBW, from a single switch.

SCM-SNLC Color Changing Light Controler

Adding color changing lights to your boat or RV just got easier and less expensive. Now you can control a single zone of color changing LED lights, anywhere on your boat or RV, with the flip of a switch.

The SCM-SNLC is a water-tight box that gives you a central location to wire and control your lights.

  1. Mount the box in a convenient location.
  2. Wire your lights tho the color coded, snap down terminals.
  3. Connect the box to a push-button momentary switch.
  4. Power the box through a fuse panel or buss bar.

Boats can add mood lighting to the cabin, color changing down lights and courtesy lights to the cockpit, or even color changing light strips, courtesy lights, and transom lights.

  • Control up to 250 Watts of Lights
  • 12 Pre-Programmed Colors
  • Change Brightness
  • Fade the Lights Between Different Colors
  • All From a Single On/Off/Momentary Toggle Switch. (Sold Separately)

Power Distribution & Lighting Control

The SCM-SNLC is a watertight power distribution box that lets you control a single zone of RGB or RGBW LED lights through a on/off/momentary switch.

The IP-67 rated box protects your wiring from the damaging effects of moisture. Cable glands cinch down around wires for even greater protection.

Snap-down color-coded terminals make wiring a breeze and are protected by their own fuse.

The box draws power from a fuse panel or buss bar reducing the number of wires running around your boat.

Use With All Your LED RGB or RGBW Lights

  • Underwater Lights
  • Strip Lights
  • Courtesy Lights
  • Down Lights

Perfect for underwater boat lights, boat deck lights, boat cabin lights, RV and camper interior or exterior lighting.
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