Control a single zone of color-changing lights, RGB or RGBW, from a single switch.

SCM-SNLC | Color Changing Light Controler

Now you can have color changing lights anywhere you have 12v or 24v DC power. The SCM-SNLC is an inexpensive way to add color-changing RGB or RGBW lights to any boat, RV, or camper.

  • Control up to 250 Watts of Lights
  • Choose Between 12 Pre-Programmed Colors
  • Change Brightness
  • Fade the Lights Between Different Colors
  • All From a Single On/Off/Momentary Toggle Switch. (Sold Separately)

The SCM-SNLC is a single zone lighting controller for RGB or RGBW LED lights.

It is housed in a watertight IP-67 rated box that protects your wiring from the damaging effects of moisture and dirt. Cable glands cinch down around wires to further protect them from the elements.

Snap-down terminals easily secure each wire. All terminal are color-coded to match wires from your lights making wiring a breeze.

There are two additional terminals for Shadow-Net enabled lights, a toggle switch to choose between RGB and RGBW lights, and a fuse, up to 15 amps, to protect your lights.

Use With All Your LED RGB or RGBW Lights

  • Underwater Lights
  • Strip Lights
  • Courtesy Lights
  • Down Lights

Perfect for underwater boat lights, boat deck lights, boat cabin lights, RV and camper interior or exterior lighting.
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