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Your serious about the technology on your boat and it shows.

You have the latest and greatest electronics, awesome entertainment setup, and a premium sound system.

So why is your lighting system so lame?

Premium Lighting Starts with State-of-the-Art Electronics

Two things make up a premium lighting system.

Color changing LED lights.
A world-class lighting controller.

Shadow-Caster has a full line of color-changing LED underwater lights, strip lights, courtesy lights, and downlights. They look great on any boat and are built to take on the harshest seas.

But to get the most out of premium lights you need a premium light controller.

4 Zones of Control

The Shadow-Caster SCM-ZC is a 4 zone lighting controller that fits into a standard 3” gauge hole. With it, you have complete control of all of your color changing underwater lights, and deck lights.

The SCM-ZC gives you four lighting zones. Control your underwater lights from zone one and deck lights from zone two. Cockpit lights can be controlled from zone three and accent lights from zone four. Or, however, you want to set up your zones. It’s all up to you.

Each zone can be controlled individually or in sync with the other zones.

  • Change the color of each zone one at a time or all at the same time.
  • Dim the lights in one zone, some zones, or all zones. Each zone can be dimmed on its own to the exact brightness you want.
  • Set all or some of your zones to fade, flash, or strobe.
  • You can even sync your lights to music!


The SCM-ZC works with Shadow-Caster single color and color changing underwater boat lights, color changing underwater yacht lights, deck lights, courtesy lights, downlights, and Wet Sounds LED Speaker Lights.

Built to last, the controller was designed to stand up to anything the sea can throw at it. It’s dustproof, waterproof, and won’t corrode even after years of exposure to saltwater.

It fits into a standard 3″ gauge opening, operates at 10 – 30 Volts DC, and will handle up to 500 Watts of LED lights.

It comes with a one year warranty and is Made in the USA.

The SCM-ZC Controler Works With These Shadow-Caster Color Changing Lights, All Shadow-Caster Single Color Lights and Two-Color Lights.


SCM_ZC Wiring Diagram

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