Score Big With LED Transom Lights

Ultra-Blue LED transom lights

LED Tramsom Lights

Gaff “N” Box Fishing team shows off its new Shadow-Caster SCM-10’s underwater lights as they head offshore for a night of fishing. The Ultra Blue color is great for attracting fish offshore and attention back at the dock.

Fish Attracting Lights

This boat is equipped with a pair of Shadow-Caster SCM-10 LED transom lights in Ultra Blue. Blue light penetrates water better than other light colors, attracting fish from deeper in the water column.

Ultra Blue LED Transom Lights

The Ultra Blue color also stands out at the dock. The deep blue color is unique to Shadow-Caster transom lights. It creates a powerful statement that will get you noticed at the dock.

Bimini Blue LED Transom Lights

If you like blue, but Ultra-Blue is more intense then you prefer, then Shadow-Caster’s Bimini Blue color might be just what you are looking for. Bimini Blue is one of Shadow-Casters most popular colors. The medium blue color penetrates deep into the water attracting fish from deep below. At the dock, it gives your boat a pleasing, almost serene appearance.

The SCM-10 comes in four other awesome colors. Bimini Blue, Aqua Green, Great White and Cool Red along with a color changing version. Pick the light color that floats your boat!

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