LED Underwater Boat Lights

Underwater LED Boat Lights That Are Built To Last

Underwater boat lights take a lot of abuse. Corrosive saltwater, pounding waves, and constant voltage spikes all work to destroy the LEDs.

That’s why Shadow-Caster underwater lights for boats are built using only the most corrosion-resistant metals and the highest-quality electronics available.

The body is milled from a solid piece of 316 stainless steel, bronze, or anodized aluminum. An all-metal housing not only protects your lights better, it also helps to dissipate heat. LEDs that stay cool shine brighter and last longer.

Overheating, voltage spikes, and reverse polarity are the most common causes of premature LED failure. Shadow-Caster uses only the best available circuits to protect the LEDs from these threats. You can have confidence your lights will last decades.

Finally, the inside of the light is filled with a clear gel that prevents water intrusion. Your lights will never leak!

  • Gel-filled interior eliminates water intrusion
  • Thermal Protection prevents overheating
  • Surge Protection protects from transient voltage spikes
  • Reverse Polarity Protection protects from power flowing backward
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

RGB Underwater Boat Lights

RGB underwater boat lights turn red, green, and blue light into almost any color you want. How many colors your lights will make depends on your light controller, This can range from 12 colors, when operated without a light controller, to 20 or unlimited colors.

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Underwater LED Boat Lights

Underwater LED boat lights are one or two-color lights. They are operated through a switch, come in up to five colors, and put out between 3,000 and 10,000 lumens. No matter what size or type of boat you have there is an underwater LED light to fit it: yachts and large cruising boats to day cruisers, fishing boats, and even pontoon boats.

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