LED Underwater Boat Lights

LED Underwater Boat Lights

Want Your Wife to Tell You to Spend More Time on Your Boat?

Show Off Just for the Fun of It

Some people say underwater LED lights are only good for showing off.

They say they are only there to make your boat look good while you dine at your favorite waterfront restaurant.

I say they are right.

They are right but there is so much more you can do with underwater LED lights.

Show Her the Underwater LED Lights

As the sun sets on another perfect day of boating she looks at you and says, “I wish this day didn’t have to end.”.

You smile, pull into a secluded cove, and flip on the underwater LED lights. The water behind your boat instantly transforms into a beautiful pool of light.

As the stars come out fish begin to play in the light. It is so peaceful, so still, so romantic.

Your perfect day turns into the perfect night.

Get the Kids Involved

What mother doesn’t want to spend more time with her children or grandchildren?

Underwater lights are a fun way to draw kids out of the cyber world and into the real world.

Take them stargazing, go fishing, or sit at the dock and play board games.

Whatever you do, underwater lights will make the trip more beautiful and more fun.

Be the Couple Everybody Wants To Hang Out With

Your kids and grandkids aren’t the only ones who will be impressed by your underwater lights.

Friends and neighbors will soon be dropping hints about how they would love to go out with you some night.

So do them a favor. Take them out for a sunset cruise. Anchor and have an adult beverage. Or just relax and share good conversation with good friends while staring at the moon.

Why Shadow-Caster LED underwater lights?

They are designed for the sea’s toughest conditions.

Shadow-Caster was born when long-time friends and engineers Jeff Pound and Brian Rogers went looking for underwater lights for Jeffs boat. The lights they found were poorly designed, poorly built, and not suitable for everyday boaters needs. They knew they could do better.

Jeff and Brian are engineers with years of experience designing satellite, military, and optical products. They set out to design underwater boat lights that stand up to the corrosive effects of saltwater and the unique demands of boat electrical systems.

What Makes Shadow-Caster Boat Lights So Tough?

316 Stainless Steel Housing- Won’t discolor, corrode, or pit even in salt water. It is also excellent at pulling heat away from the LEDs so they shine brighter and last longer.

Cree LEDs- To build the best lights you need to start with the best LEDs. Cree builds the brightest, longest lasting LEDs in the world.

Built-in Protection- Built-in circuits protect the lights from damage that can be caused by being wired backward, spikes in voltage, or overheating.

Proudly designed and built in Dunedin, Florida USA.

scm-cc underwater boat lights


  • Color Changing LED Light
  • 4 Colors from 1 Light
  • Yachts, Large Boats, Those Who Want More Light
  • Shadow-Net Enabled
SCM-10 underwater boat lights


  • Yachts, Large Boats, Those Who Want More Light
  • 120 Degree Light Spread
  • Your Choice of 5 Colors
  • 316 Stainless Steel Housing
scm-6 underwater boat lights


  • Medium Sized Boat or Accent Lighting
  • Floods the Water With Light
  • Your Choice of 5 Colors
  • 316 Stainless Steel Housing
scm-4 underwater boat lights


  • Small Boat or Accent Lighting
  • Floods the Water With Light
  • Your Choice of 5 Colors
  • 316 Stainless Steel Housing

LED Underwater Boat Lights in Five Great Colors and Color Changing

Aqua Green
Aqua Green
Bimini Blue
Bimini Blue
Great White
Great White
Cool Red
Cool Red
How to Install Underwater Lights
Boat Light Drawings Print, cut, and paste to check for fit and placement.

LED Underwater Boat Lights Are…

    Super Bright

  • SCM-10 up to 3,100 Lumens
  • SCM-6 up to 1,500 Lumens
  • SCM-4 up to 1,000 Lumens

  • SCM-10 draws only 3.5 amps at 12 volts.
  • Works between 9 – 36 volts DC with no change in brightness.
    Rugged And Good Looking

  • Corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel with a polycarbonate lens.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Protection from transient voltage spikes.
  • Internal Thermal Management Circuitry
  • Internal Digital Switching Power Supply

1 Year Warranty

Shadow-Caster Underwater LED Boat Lights Come With A One Year Warranty!