SCM-CC |Color Changing Underwater Boat Lights

Color changing underwater boat lights in 4 colors. Who says you can’t have it all!

color changing underwater boat lights

Color Changing Underwater Boat Lights

Our Four Best-Selling Colors in One Light

Bimini Blue underwater boat lights
Bimini Blue
Aqua Green underwater boat lights
Aqua Green
Great White underwater boat lights
Great White
Cool Red underwater boat lights
Cool Red
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One Light, Four Colors!

Blue, green, red, white. Can’t decide what color you want?
Get all four! Shadow-Caster SCM-CC Color Changing Underwater Boat Lights gives you all four colors in one light!

  • Our Four Best-Selling Colors from One Light. Blue, Green, White, Red.
  • Up to 3,100 Lumens.
  • Change Colors, Strobe, Fade, or Flash Through a Switch or Light Controler
  • Built from Tough 316 Stainless Steel. Use in Fresh or Saltwater.
  • Proudly Made in the USA!

VIDEO: SCM-CC Lights in 4 Color Flash Mode
Modes of Operation

  1. Strobe the Current Color
  2. Fade from White to Blue
  3. 4 Color Fade (Alternates Between Colors)
  4. Flash the Current Color
  5. 4 Color Flash (Alternates Between Colors)

You are in Control

There are two ways to control SCM-CC lights.

  1. Through a momentary rocker switch.
  2. Through a Shadow-Net enabled light controller.

Control your color changing boat lights through the included momentary rocker switch. Turn the lights on and off, change colors, or make them dim, strobe, fade, flash, or chase.

All through a single switch that blends in with your existing switches.

Learn more about operating the SCM-CC through the momentary rocker switch HERE.

Color Changing Underwater Boat Lights Controllers


  • controles all of your color changing lights through a single switch. Works with underwater lights, deck lights, overhead lights, and even cabin lights.

  • SCM-ZC Zone Controller
  • controles 4 zones of lights through a push button controler. Control all 4 zones together or separately.

  • SCM-MFD-Kit
  • works with your multifunction display. Control all of your boats underwater lights, deck lights, and overhead lights through your MDF.

SCM-CC Features

  • Light Output- Up To 3100 Lumens
  • Current Draw- 3.5 Amps at 12 Volts
  • Size- W 10″ X H 2.38″ X T 1/2″
  • Colors: Blue, White, Green, Red
  • 40,000 hour LED Life Expectenancy
  • Standard 20 ft. Power Cord