SCM-10 CC | Color Changing Lights

scm-10 cc

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You Don’t Need 4 Lights to Get 4 Colors!

Blue, green, red, white. Can’t decide what color to choose? Then choose them all!

  • The Shadow-Caster SCM-10 CC is a color changing, 3100 lumen LED underwater light that gives you four colors in one light.
  • Made from the most corrosion resistant stainless steel available, they can be left in saltwater for years without pitting.
  • Built-in electronics protect the light from voltage spikes, overheating, or from being wired backward.
  • The LED’s will shine brightly for the lifetime of your boat.
  • Best of all they are proudly Made in the USA!

Attract Attention On The Water And At The Dock

On the water, the fish will follow you!
Bass, crappie, salmon, deep ocean pelagics. It doesn’t matter. The 10 LEDs flood the water with light attracting fish from all around. Green, blue, and white draw the most fish. But with all three available, why not experiment to find out what works best for you!

At the dock, everybody will know which boat is yours.
Your boat will never blend in at the dock again. Change colors to suit your mood. Have friends over for an adult beverage. Or dim the lights for a romantic evening watching the fish swim. And when you really want to impress the locals make the lights strobe, fade, flash, or chase.

VIDEO: SCM-10 CC Lights in 4 Color Flash Mode

You are in Control

There are two ways to control SCM-10 CC lights.

  1. Through the power toggle/push button switch.
  2. Through a Shadow-Net enabled Controller.

You control everything from the helm with the power toggle/push button switch that comes with your lights. Turn the lights on and off, change colors, dim them, or make them strobe, fade, flash, or chase.

Learn more about operating the SCM-CC through the power toggle/pushbutton switch HERE.

Shadow-Net Enabled Controllers

SCM-10 CC Features

  • Light Output- Up To 3100 Lumens
  • Current Draw- 3.5 Amps at 12 Volts
  • Size- W 10″ X H 2.38″ X T 1/2″
  • Colors: Blue, White, Green, Red
  • 40,000 hour LED Life Expectenancy
  • Standard 20 ft. Power Cord

Modes of Operation

  1. Strobe the Current Color
  2. Fade from White to Blue
  3. 4 Color Fade (Alternates Between Colors)
  4. Flash the Current Color
  5. 4 Color Flash (Alternates Between Colors)

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