SCM-10 LED Underwater Lights


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Light Colors

Bimini Blue
Bimini Blue
Aqua Green
Aqua Green
Great White
Great White
Cool Red
Cool Red

SCM-10 LED Underwater Light

You can buy cheap underwater boat lights, or you can buy Shadow-Caster.

Designed and built in the USA, Shadow-Caster SCM-10 LED underwater lights are built using only the most durable materials, electronics, and LEDs available. The result is the best looking, most reliable, and brightest boat lights under the water.

Surface Mounts with Only a 5/8″ Hole for the Power Cord:
Nobody wants to drill a hole below the waterline. But if your going to, make sure of two things.

  • Drill the smallest hole you can.
  • Do it one time!

Unlike cheap plastic light that might last you a few seasons, the SCM-10 will last for decades.

316 Stainless Steel Housing:
When it comes to corrosion resistance, few metals can match 316 Stainless Steel. So why aren’t all underwater lights made from it? In a word, price.

316 Stainless Steel is more expensive than aluminum and plastic. But if you want your underwater boat lights to look as good in ten years as they do the day you put them on, it’s the only choice. Especially if you boat in saltwater.

Shadow-Caster doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality, and neither should you.

Built-In Protection:
Underwater boat lights are an investment. Not just in your boat, but in the memories you make with family and friends.

Like all investments, you want to be assured they are well protected. Shadow-Caster has you covered with internal circuitry that protects your lights from the three biggest LED killers on your boat.

  • Thermal Protection protects the light from overheating if left on out of the water.
  • Transient Voltage Protection stops the high voltage spikes that are common in boat electrical systems.
  • Reverse Polarity protection keeps your lights from being damaged if wired backwards.

Light Output- Up To 3100 Lumens:

Aroud the same brightness as a pair of halogen headlights on high-beam.

Current Draw- 3.5 Amps at 12 Volts:
Extremely efficient lighting.

120° Light Spread:
No ugly spotlight here! Flood the water in your favorite color

Five Beautiful Colors:
Accent your boats colors or choose your favorite color.

10″ long, 2.38″ wide, and 1/2″ thick.

Operating The SCM-10
There are three ways to control your SCM-10 lights.

  1. Through the power toggle switch.
  2. By installing a Shadow-Caster SCM-PD-WC wireless controller.
  3. Shadow-Caster SCM-ZC Zone Controller

The toggle switch is included in your order. It allows you to turn single color lights on and off.

Centurion Enzo 216 looks with two Shadow-Caster SCM-10 LED Underwater Lights in Bimini Blue.

SCM-10 Stats

  • Light Output- Up To 3100 Lumens
  • Current Draw- 3.5 Amps at 12 Volts
  • Size- W 10″ X H 2.38″ X T 1/2″
  • Colors: Bimini Blue, Ultra-Blue, Great White, Aqua Green, Cool Red


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