Luxury Sub Fit For A King

Migaloo Luxury Sub

Todays concept is tomorrows coolest new toy so, even though I can’t fathom the need for a 115 meter long, 11 meter wide luxury submarine, I’m sure that somebody will build this or something like it in the near future. The Migaloo is one of the latest concepts by Austrian yacht design company Motion Code: Blue. This hybrid luxury yacht/submarine features an 8 by 3 meter-pool with a bottom that raises up to the level of the main deck when the vessel submerges. There are also all of the super yacht essentials such as a heli-pad,lounges and private bar for the owner along with a cinema room, a library, a gym and a gaming room. Accommodations include a full beam, two level private quarters for the owner and 8 VIP-suites for guests. Luxuries include an elevator and 2 wide staircases leading from the lower decks into the extended tower, granite decking and a pair of telescopically extendible roofs that provide shade when open but match the contours of the ship when closed for diving. The only thin I see missing are underwater LED lights. I’m sure those can be added.

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