Potted Plants Dress Up Outdoor Spaces

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In this blog I usually give tips on how to use underwater LED lights to dress up your waterfront, but today I want to give you some other ideas. Here is a list of ways to dress up your pond or waterfront with potted plants. These tips are versatile and easy to implement.

  • The Desert-Landscape Look- Hardy succulents that stow water in their stems and leaves can be planted in shallow, well drained containers.
  • Perk Up Your Porch- Pots of lush flowers of similar colors will dress up your porch.
  • Climbing Vines Create Balance- Use climbing vines to soften hardscaping such as walls.
  • Add Contrast To Steps- Use rounded pots and plants with interesting shapes to liven up steps.
  • Add Instant Privacy- Use large planters with medium sized, fast growing foliage to create an instant screen
  • Graphic Pots For Variety- Glazed pots with painted designs can be mixed to create a coordinated look.
  • Eye-catching And Edible- potted herbs can be grouped together to dress up small areas.

If you would like to learn more about how to dress up your outdoor spaces with potted plants I have some great resources for you. Concrete Garden Projects will show how to design eye-catching displays using 350 easy to care for plants. Concrete Garden Projects shows you how to build a great outdoor living area using easy and inexpensive containers, furniture, water features and more.

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