SCM-PD-PLUS Wireless Combo

scm-pd-plus wireless combo

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SCM-PD Plus Wireless Combo

Power Distribution Box For Color Changing Lights With Wireless Remote

The Shadow-Caster SCM-PD-Plus Wireless Combo is a power distribution box with a built-in wireless receiver. The box makes it easy to install 3 or more Shadow-Caster color changing boat lights, color changing yacht lights, and single color lights.

Whats the Plus?

The Plus is Shadow-Net technology that gives you control of your color changing lights. With Shadow-Net and the two position switch comes with your SCM-PD-Plus, you can turn your lights on, change colors, fade, flash, strobe, or chase your lights.

Wireless Controller

The wireless controller is a 2 Button Key FOB Remote Control with a 100-foot range. The Wireless Key FOB gives you complete control of Color Changing Shadow-Caster Lights. Strobe or Fade your single color lights, with multiple speed settings.

  • Change Colors: Blue to White to Red to Green
  • Fade, Flash, or Strobe Lights in their Present Color
  • Fade Between Blue and White
  • Chase From One Light to the Next

Adding Lights Has Never Been This Easy

There are two problems you face when adding 3 or more LED boat lights.

  1. Every time you add a light you have to run wires to your switch or breaker/fuse panel.
  2. Moisture can cause electrical connections to corrode causing the lights to stop working.

The SCM-PD-Plus power distribution box solves both of these problems.

Fewer Wires

The SCM-PD-Plus is a power distribution box that will handle up to 6 lights. The box is mounted in a central location. Wires from the lights are run to the PCM-PD-Plus. A single power and ground wire pair are then run to a local power bus. Finally, the control switch is added to the helm and wired to the box.

Fewer Corrosion Problems

The SCM-PD-Plus is watertight. The top and even the wires running into the box seal tight to prevent water from entering and corroding connections.

Wiring is a Snap

Snap-down, color-coded terminals make wiring easy. All 6 terminals have their own fuse and cable gland. The wire runs from a light, through a cable gland, then snaps into its color-coded terminal. Then just tighten down the cable gland for a watertight fit.
Wiring Steps

  1. Run wire through cable gland.
  2. Insert wire ends into the Color-coded terminal. Snap-down.
  3. Insert fuse.

The SCM-PD-Plus is Shadow-Net enabled. Shadow-Net is what lets the SCM-PD-Plus talk to Shadow-Caster single color and color changing lights. Shadow-Net gives you complete control over your lights. Change colors, fade, strobe, flash and chase Color Changing lights. Shadow-NET works on all Shadow-Caster Color Changing (CC) underwater lights as well as Color Changing LED Boat Deck Accent lights.