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Power Distribution Box For Color Changing Lights

The SCM-PD-Plus is a watertight power distribution box for color changing and single color underwater lights. It acts as a central hub to connect, power, and control up to 6 Shadow-Caster underwater lights.

Each light has its own color-coded connectors, fuse, and cable gland.
The connector and matching wire is the same color. Wiring your lights is simple and worry-free.

Each light has its own fuse. Relax knowing that your lights are properly protected. And if there is ever a problem, diagnosing it is a breeze.

Cable glands keep everything dry. Tighten them around the light cable for a watertight fit.

Fewer Wires

The SCM-PD-Plus should be mounted at the back of the boat in a convenient location. Power is taken from a nearby fuse block or bus bar instead of through a switch from the helm. There are several advantages to this setup.

  • Fewer wires to your main fuse block or breaker panel.
  • Wires can be kept short eliminating voltage drop.
  • A low power remote switch can be used to control the lights.

What’s the Plus?

The “Plus” is Shadow-Net Technology. Shadow-Net gives you complete control over your lights. It is what lets the SCM-PD-Plus talk to your single color and color-changing lights. Change colors, fade, strobe, flash and chase Color Changing lights. Shadow-NET works on all Shadow-Caster Color Changing (CC) underwater lights as well as Color Changing LED Boat Deck Accent lights.

Color Changing Underwater Lights

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