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The Easy Way To Wire 4 Underwater Lights

Take back control of your boat wiring with the SCM-PD-Relay-4 power distribution box for single color or color-changing underwater boat lights.

The SCM-PD-Relay-4 is a power distribution box for underwater boat lights and underwater yacht lights. This watertight box powers and controls up to four single-color, two-color, or color-changing underwater lights.

Who Needs the SCM-PD-Relay-4?

Some boats need more than two underwater lights. Yachts, boats with a wide beam, and boats with twin outboards often need three or four underwater lights to get even light coverage across their transom.

But there are several problems with trying to wire three or four underwater lights.

In most cases, a switch can’t provide enough current to power more than two lights.

Also, a switch can’t be used to control color-changing underwater lights.

Finally, it takes 12 crimped connections to wire four lights to a switch. The cost of installation goes way up and so does the possibility of corrosion problems.

Trouble-Free Wiring

SCM-PD-Relay-4 keeps underwater light wiring organized, secure, and short. It reduces installation costs and keep underwater light wiring dry and trouble-free.

First, the SCM-PD-Relay-4 mounts in a dry location under the deck, high in the bilge, or in a console. It should be mounted as close as possible to a power source and within easy reach of the lights.

Doing so will keep wires as short as possible. Short wires have less voltage drop so they can use smaller gauge wire.

Wire cables are routed from each light to the power distribution box. In this way, cables stay short and organized.

Each light gets its own cable gland, set of connectors and fuse. Cable glands hold cables in place and seal out moisture. Then, wires from the cable snap into color-coded connectors that match the wire colors. Wiring is fast, easy, and almost foolproof.

After that, a positive wire connects the box to a power source through a fuse or breaker. Then, a negative wire connects the box to a negative bus bar.

Finally, the power distribution box connects to a set of low power wires from a switch. The switch is how you communicate with your lights.

All Shadow-Caster underwater lights can be controlled.
Single-color lights can fade, strobe, or chased.
Two-color lights change colors plus fade, strobe, and chase.
The SCM-CC will change between blue, white, red, and green. It also fades between blue and white or fades between all four colors.
The SCR-CC can change between 13 pre-set colors. It will fade between blue and white or fade between all colors.

Shadow-Net is a communication protocol is how you “talk” to your lights.

A momentary rocker switch or light controller can be used to control your lights.

The SCM-ZC gives you greater control over your underwater lights.

Color Changing Underwater Lights

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