The Easy Way To Wire 4 Underwater Lights

Take back control of your boat wiring with the SCM-PD-Relay-4 power distribution box for single color underwater LED lights.

Electrical problems are one of the most common, and frustrating issues boaters face. One look at your electrical system will show you why.

Dozens of wires, that all look the same, running all around your boat. If you ever have an electrical problem it can take hours just to find the right wire.

Adding Underwater Lights Makes the Problem Worse

For every light, you add you add two more wires.
2 lights = 4 wires.
3 lights = 6 wires.
4 lights = 8 wires.

That’s a lot of wires to deal with. Especially if one of your lights goes out.

The Easy Solution

The SCM-PD-Relay-4 is a watertight power distribution box designed to handle up to four underwater LED lights.

  • Each light gets it’s own easy to connect snap-down terminal.
  • The terminals are color-coded to match the wires of the light. Just match the wire color to the terminal color. You can’t get it wrong!
  • Each light has it’s own fuse to protect your light from shorts.
  • Each light has it’s own cable gland to keep water from seeping in around the wires.

Fewer Wires

The SCM-PD-Relay-4 box is placed in a central location and the lights are wired to the box. A single wire from a switch at the helm powers the box.

Fewer Corrosion Problems

The SCM-PD-Relay-4 is watertight. A sealed lid and cable glands protect wiring connections from the damaging effects of water. The top and even the wires running into the box seal tight to prevent water from entering and corroding connections.

SCM-PD-Relay-4 Wiring Steps

  1. Push wire into the box through cable gland.
  2. Insert wire ends into Color-coded terminal. Snap-down.
  3. Insert fuse.
  4. Run power wire from a switch to the box.
  5. Run a ground wire from box to negative bus bar.


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