The Easy Way To Wire 4 Underwater Lights

Take back control of your boat wiring with the SCM-PD-Relay-4 power distribution box for single color or color changing underwater LED lights.

SCM-PD-Relay-4 Power Distribution Box

When adding more than two underwater lights the wiring can quickly get out of control.

When wiring two lights, the cable from each light is routed through the boat to a switch at the helm. The positive wires connect to the switch, through a terminal block, and the negative wires connect to a bus bar.

With two lights it’s a fairly easy job. But when you have three or more lights you need more of everything. A larger terminal block and bus bar, a higher amperage switch and fuse.

There is also a higher possibility of corrosion problems.

The SCM-PD-Relay-4 keeps your wiring under control by giving you a central location to wire your single color and color-changing underwater lights.

The SCM-PD-Relay-4 is a watertight power distribution box designed to handle up to four underwater LED lights.

  • Each light connects to its own set of terminals.
  • The terminals are color-coded to match the wires from the light.
  • Each light also gets its own fuse.

Fewer Wires = Less Mess

The SCM-PD-Relay-4 should be mounted close to the underwater lights and a power source. Underwater lights are wired directly to the box keeping wire runs short and orderly.

The lights are controlled through either a momentary switch at the helm or a Shadow-Caster lighting controller.

A sealed lid and cable glands protect wiring connections from the damaging effects of water.

SCM-PD-Relay-4 Wiring Steps

  1. Push wire into the box through cable gland.
  2. Insert wire ends into Color-coded terminal. Snap-down.
  3. Run power and ground cables
  4. Route wires from a switch or lighting controller to the box.
  5. Insert fuse.

Color Changing Underwater Lights

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