SCM-PD-Wireless Combo

scm-pd wireless

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The Easy Way to Wire and Control Single Color Lights

The SCM-PD Wireless Combo is a power distribution box for single color LED lights with a built in wireless receiver. The power distribution box gives you a central location where you can wire up to 6 lights. The wireless receiver allows you to control your lights wirelesly through a Key FOB or from the helm through a switch.

Wireless Controller KeyFOB

SCM-PD Power Distribution

The SCM-PD power distribution box solves your two biggest problems when adding 3 or more LED lights.

  1. It reduces the number of wires running to a switch or fuse/breaker panel.
  2. It prevents moisture from corroding your lights electrical connections.

The SCM-PD handles up to 6 lights. The box is mounted in a central location then the lights are wired to the box. A single power and ground wire pair are then run to a switch, breaker, or main fuse panel.

Fewer Moisture Problems

The SCM-PD is watertight. A sealed lid and cable glands protect your lights wiring connections from the damaging effects of water.

Easy to Wire

Snap-down, color-coded terminals make wiring easy. There are terminals for up to 6 lights. Each terminal has its own fuse and cable gland.

  1. Push wire into the box through cable gland.
  2. Connect each wire to it’s color coded terminal and snap in place.
  3. Snap in a fuse.

Remote Control

The Wireless Key FOB gives you complete control of your Single Color Shadow-Caster Lights. Strobe or Fade your single color lights, with multiple speed settings, from up to 100 feet away.