SCM-PD $279.00

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The Easy Way To Wire Your LED Lights

The SCM-PD is a power distribution box for single color underwater LED lights. It should be used when you adding 3 or more lights to a boat.

There are two advantages to using the SCM-PD.

  1. It makes wiring much easier. Your underwater lights are wired to the SCM-PD at the stern of the boat. Then a single wire is run to a switch or breaker/fuse panel.
  2. It protects your lights wires from moisture that can cause electrical connections to corrode.

The SCM-PD power distribution box is designed to solve both of these problems.

Fewer Wires

The SCM-PD is a power distribution box that will handle up to 6 lights. No more running wires from each light to a switch or breaker/fuse panel. The box is placed in a central location and the lights are wired to the box. A single power and ground wire pair are then run to a switch, breaker, or main fuse panel.

Fewer Corrosion Problems

The SCM-PD is watertight. A sealed lid and cable glands protect wiring connections from the damaging effects of water. The top and even the wires running into the box seal tight to prevent water from entering and corroding connections.

Wiring is a Snap

Snap-down, color-coded terminals make wiring easy. All 6 terminals have their own fuse and cable gland. Run each light wire through a cable gland, snap wires to a color-coded terminal, then tighten down the cable gland for a watertight fit.

Wiring Steps

  1. Push wire into box through cable gland.
  2. Insert wire ends into Color-coded terminal. Snap down.
  3. Insert fuse.