MegaWatt Underwater Dock Lights


The MegaWatt is a floating LED underwater dock light that puts out an amazing 22,000 lumens of light.

The light is held in place by a 3 lb weight attached to the power cord allowing you to adjust how deep the light in the water. Place the light higher in the water column for a larger circle of light or deeper to protect the light from boat traffic.

This is a Plug and Play system. You simply set the light to the depth you want, throw the light and weight into the water where you want them, and plug it in. It’s that simple!

*Incredible Underwater LED Lights has announced a price increase starting 8/1/2024. Buy now before prices go up.

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  • Super Bright: 22,000 lumens of LED light
  • Creates a ball of light up to 60 feet across
  • Colors: Blue, Green, White (Red and Orange available at an extra cost)
  • Easy Installation: Go from the box to completely installed in less than 15 minutes
  • Adjustable Depth: Works as well in 15′ of water as it does in 5′
  • Flexible: Add extra power cord or weights to fit your needs
  • Long-Lasting: 10,000 hour LED life expectancy

Additional information


Blue, Green, White


Light Size: 12″x12″x12″
Power Cord: 40′ standard. Lengths up to 240′ available.
Adjustable depth. Light floats in the water column.
Driver: AC to DC with built-in overload protection.
Driver converts 110 volt AC power to much safer 24 volt DC power.
Weight: 1, 3 lb weight standard. Additional weights are available.
Cable Strap: Prevents damage to where the power cord and light meet.
Cost to operate per month: Around $2.92 at 12¢/kWh
Freshwater or saltwater.
Instruction Manual
1 Year Warranty (Extended Warranty available)
Made in the USA