Shadow-Caster SCM-PD4CH power distribution and protection for up to four single-color or multi-color Shadow-Caster underwater LED boat lights. Underwater boat lights draw relatively high amounts of current. Two or more can draw more current than a switch can handle.

The SCM-PD4CH draws power from a local source, such as a breaker or fuse. Then, up to four single-color or multi-color underwater lights can be wired to it. Your lights can be controlled through a switch or Shadow-Net light controller. Digital over-current circuits protect each light from harm.

Because the SCM-PD4CH is IP67 rated it can be mounted inside the bilge or other compartment near the lights. The lights are wired to Deutsch-style connectors that plug into the main box for a secure, watertight connection. It’s the easy way to wire underwater boat lights.



  • Marine power distribution for Shadow-Caster underwater LED boat lights
  • The easy way to wire up to four single color or multi-color lights
  • Control Shadow-Caster underwater lights through a switch…
  • or, through a Shadow-Caster light controller
  • Deutsch connectors for easy and secure connections
  • 10 amp digital over-current protection for each light

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions7.9 × 1.3 × 3 in

Dimensions: 7.9" x 3" x 1.3"
IP67 rated housing
Up to 10 amp digital over-current protection
Works with 12 volt or 24 volt systems

What's Included

SCM-PD4CH Power Distribution Box
Deutsch Connectors
Mounting Hardware
3 Year Warranty