Add the look of NEON to your boat with the SCM-AL-NEON RGB Boat LED light strips from Shadow-Caster. Whether you are fishing, bonding with family, or entertaining friends, SCM-AL-NEON LED light strips make your boat look great and make it safer to use.

The SCM-AL-NEON is an RGB LED light strip. For this reason, it must be operated through a Shadow-Caster light controller. There are three Shadow-Caster light controllers to choose from.

SCM-SNLC is an inexpensive single zone light controller operated through a switch.
SCM-ZC is a four zone light controller operated through a remote keypad.
SCM-MFD-KIT is operated through your boats MFD and gives you six zones of lights.

SCM-AL-NEON light strips are built to withstand the harsh marine environment. They are encased in a silicone sleeve that diffuses the light evenly along its length. The strip glows giving it the look of a neon light. Because of this, the lights should be mounted where they are visible.

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  • RGB LED light strips
  • Gives the look of neon in a flexible strip
  • Must be used with a Shadow-Net® controller
  • 12 colors when used with the SCM-SNLC light controller
  • 20 colors when used with the SCM-ZC light controller
  • Unlimited colors when used with the SCM-MFD-KIT
  • Comes in 8′ and 16′ lengths
  • Can be trimmed to fit smaller areas
  • IP67 waterproof design. Light strips are encased in a silicone sleeve
  • 20′ of four-conductor wire included
  • Color-coded wires match light controller terminals for easy installation

Additional information


8 feet, 16 feet


Power: 15 Watts/Meter
LEDs/Meter: 96
Current Draw: 1.2 Amps per Meter
Voltage: 12 Volts Only
Dimensions: 0.5″ X 0.8″
Cut Length: 31.25mm
Bend Radius: 1.5″
Beam Angle: 120°
Operating Temperature: -30 to 60° C
Jacket Material: Silicone
Lead Wire: 20′ of 4 conductor wire
Color: RGB