SCM-DLX Boat Ceiling Lights


Upgrade your boat’s interior and exterior lighting with Shadow-Caster SCM-DLX boat ceiling lights. With a profile of just 3″ across and only .26″ thick the SCM-DLX will give your boat a sleek and modern look. Better yet, the housing comes in either black or white so you can get the right look for your boat. RGB lights have an additional chrome bezel option, with black or white trim, for a stainless steel look.

The SCM-DLX is waterproof and can be used under a T-top or hardtop. Light color options include white, white/ blue/ red, or RGB. White, and white/ blue/ red are dimmable and can be operated through a standard switch. RGB lights need a Shadow-Net® controller.

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  • Colors: Single color (white), 2 colors (white and blue), 3 colors (white, blue, and red), full-color RGB
  • 6200-kelvin cool white color
  • IP67 waterproof rated aluminum body with glass lens
  • White powder coat finish available on one, three, and RGB lights
  • Black anodized and polished chrome finish available on RGB lights
  • Dim and change colors with a standard switch OR …
  • upgrade to a Shadow-Net® light controller for even more control
  • 3-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Additional information

Light Color

White, White/Blue/Red, RGB

Trim Color

White, Black, Chrome Black Trim, Chrome White Trim


300 Lumens
120° light spread. Floods the area with light.
3-watt power draw
10 to 30-volt input. Works with 12 volt or 24 volt systems.
Power draw: 250mA at 12 volts, 125mA at 24 volts
High efficiency switch mode power supply reduces interference
Outside diameter: 3″
Mounting hole: 2″
Mounting depth: 0.51" (12.891mm)