SCR-24-CC Color Changing Yacht Lights


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SCR-24-CC Color Changing Lights

265 Colors/ 7,500 Lumens

The Brightest Underwater Lights For Your Boat Just Got Even Brighter!
Shadow-Casters SCR-24-CC gives you up to 265 colors while putting out a blinding 7,500 lumens!

2 Ways to Controle Color Changing Lights

There are two ways to control your SCR-24-CC lights.

  1. Through the integrated power toggle / push button switch.
  2. Through the SCM-ZC Zone Controller.

Features of the Integrated Toggle/ Push Button Switch

  • Change Between 16 Pre-Programed Color Options
  • Dimming and Strobe Control

Features of the SCM-ZC Zone Controller

  • 265 Color Options
  • Controll underwater lights by themselves or simultaneously with up to four separate lighting zones.
  • Change color, brightness, or synchronize lights to music.

SCR-24-CC Product Info

You still get all of the great features you’ve come to expect from Shadow-Caster Underwater LED Lights, rugged bronze housing, constant current power protection, super efficient LED lighting and 40,000 hours of maintenance free lamp life along with the great look of OEM equipment and a 10 ft.submersible power cord.

  • Light Output- Up To 7500 Lumens
  • Bronze Housing
  • Power up to 90 Watts
  • Size- Only 4″ Round
  • Colors: RGB- Up to 265 Colors!
  • Shadow-Net Enabled

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