Shadow-Caster LED Lights Demonstration

Captain Ted Jones of Pleasure Boater TV talks with Brian Rogers, President of Shadow-Caster Marine LED’s.

We have a range of sizes of underwater lighting starting with the SCM-4, SCM-6, SCM-10, all the way up to the newly introduced SCY-40.

SCY-40 is a lot of light. It comes in single color versions and color changing versions. It requires only a single, 1 inch hole drilled through the hull for mounting. A brass nut screws onto the light from the inside, holding the light in place. This is the same kind of setup that is used with a transducer.

Next, they show the Shadow-Caster trim tab kit that lets you mount Shadow-Casters SCM-4, SCM-6, or SCM-10 to your trim tabs. The kit is all stainless steel, completely sealed, and there is no hull penetration below the waterline.

Next up is the SCM-PD Plus control box. All connections are color coded, and there is an optional wireless controller. The Wireless controller plugs into the box and allows you to control Shadow-Caster color changing lights with a remote Key FOB. The cool thing is that all of the color changing lights stay synchronized because of the box.

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