Small Boats Big Lights

Small Boats Deserve Big Lights Too!

Small Boats Big Lights

This compact speedster is sporting a pair of Cool Red Shadow-Caster SCM-6underwater lights mounted side by side to the transom. Inside the cocpit, under the dash, blue LED courtesy lights look great and provide extra illumination at night.

How They Did It

Space permitting, there are several options for mounting underwater lights on a small boat like this one.

  • Mount 1 or 2 SCM-6 or SCM-4 underwater lights on one side.
  • Mount 1 SCM-6 on either side of the outboard.
  • Mount 1 SCM-4 on either side of the outboard.

Space is limited on small boats like. The fuel tank is often mounted on the aft, left side of the boat. Mounting lights to the left side of the transom is imposible in this case.

Just because you own a small boat doesn’t mean you can’t have big lights. Shadow-Caster makes LED marine lighting for almost any boat. Click on the ‘Contact Support’ link in the top right corner of this page for help choosing big lights for your small boat.

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