Small Boats Big Lights

Small Boats Deserve Big Lights Too!

Small Boats Big Lights

This compact speedster is sporting a pair of Cool Red Shadow-Caster SCM-6 underwater lights mounted side by side on its transom. Blue LED courtesy lights mounted under the dash create contrast and provide extra illumination at night.

Big Light for Small Boats

It seems that every large boat you see at the marina these days is outfitted with underwater lights. And why not. They make the boat look awesome, attract fish,  and let boat owners do what they love most. Spend more time enjoying their boat.

But what about small boats? You know, boats that will fit on a trailer.

Underwater Lights for Small Boats

A majority of the boats on the water can be considered medium to small boats. According to there were around 12 million boats registered in the U.S. in 2017. Of those, 95% were under 26 feet in length.

This fact has not been overlooked by light manufacturers. Almost every brand makes lights for small boats. These lights may not be as bright or produce multiple colors, but that’s OK. Smaller boats aren’t as wide so they don’t need as much light. Better light brands give you a wide choice of light colors to choose from. It’s easy to find a color that matches your boat and how you use it.

The small boat above is a good example of this. The owner chose red underwater lights to match the color scheme of the boat. While red is not a good color for fishing boat underwater lights it’s perfect for a speed boat like this.

How They Did It

There are several options for mounting underwater lights on a small boat like this. Which one works for your boat depends on how much room you have and if you can gain access to the wires.

  1. Mount 1 or 2 SCM-6 or SCM-4 underwater lights on one side. While this is not the preferred way of lighting a boat, it works if you only have space on one side of the boat.
  2. Mount an SCM-4 on either side of the outboard. Having a light on each side of the transom gives more even illumination.
  3. Mount an SCM-6 on either side of the outboard. This is the best way to light a small boat. It will not only give even illumination, it produces a huge pool of light that looks awesome.

Space is limited on small boats. The fuel tank is often mounted on the aft, left side of the boat. Mounting lights to the left side of the transom is impossible in this case.

Shadow-Caster SCM-6 and SCM-4 Designed For Small Boats

The SCM-6 and SCM-4 are smaller in size and less expensive than Shadow-Casters larger lights, but give you all of the same great features.

  • Tough 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Powerful And Energy Efficient LED Lights
  • Easy Surface Mounting
  • 5 Beautiful Colors To Choose From

All in size and price that is a good fit for almost any boat and any budget.

scm-4 underwater led lights for boats
SCM-4 Boat Underwater Lights

The SCM-4 gives you up to 1,000 lumens of light for only $251.50.

The SCM-4 is perfect for boats 18 feet and under and boats with a narrow beam. They can also be used as accent lights to highlight the side of larger boats.

scm-6 underwater led lights for boats
SCM-6 Boat Underwater Lights

The SCM-6 gives you up to 1,500 lumens of light for only $353.

The SCM-6 is perfect for boats 17 foot to 21 foot and boats with a narrow beam. They also work well as accent lights for the side of larger boats.

Just because you own a small boat doesn’t mean you can’t have big lights. Shadow-Caster makes LED marine lighting for almost any boat. Click on the links above to find out more about the SCM-4 and SCM-6 underwater boat lights.

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