Boat Cockpit Lighting

Taking Boat Cockpit Lights To The Next Level

Technology should move us forward. Not leave us standing still. So why don’t boaters take advantage of all LED boat cockpit lights have to offer?

Boat Cockpit Lights

Many boaters think cheap LED lights are a good enough way to upgrade their boat lighting. After all, they fit almost anywhere, come in several colors, and you can leave them on for hours with very little battery drain.

When compared to the incandescent lights that used to be on every boat, they are an upgrade.

The Bad Old Days of Boat Lighting

With incandescent lights, you controlled them by turning them on or turning them off. Most of the time you chose off because of how quickly they drained your battery.

To change the color of the light you first had to buy a colored lens for the fixture, if you could find one. Your color choices were white or red.

Want to dim the light? Buy a lower wattage bulb. Again if you could find a lower wattage bulb to fit your fixture.

Speaking of light fixtures, they were bulky and ugly. They were designed to be functional, not to improve the look of the boat.

It was a horrible way to light a boat, but it was the only choice we had. Back then, boat lighting was an afterthought. Not a design choice.

That’s what boaters are accustom too. No wonder so many become short-sighted when it comes to their lighting choices.

I Change Colors! Move your mouse over me.

There’s A Better Way

The mistake I see many boaters make is thinking of LEDs as a direct replacement for their old incandescent lights. Just replace the old fixtures with some cheap LEDs and BOOM, you’re good to go.

But by doing that they miss out on what makes LEDs so much better. LEDs give you more choices and greater control.

What’s The Best Color? You Decide

There’s no need to be married to a single light color when you can get two colors, or even full-color spectrum (RGB) from one light.

Want blue and red light over the helm to protect your night vision? Not a problem.

Prefer blue and white for dining or rigging fishing tackle? You can do that too.

Want something unique? Go with RGB to get any color you want!

SCM-DL two-color downlights are controlled through a standard ON/Off switch. Simply turn the switch to OFF and then back ON within two seconds to change color.

SCM-DL RGB downlights are Shadow-Net enabled. They require a Shadow-Net light controller to change colors. Visit our Light-Controller page. to learn more.

Too Bright? Not Bright Enough? No Problem!

There are times when LED lights are too bright. Like when you’re having cocktails at the dock and you want your lights to set a mood. Likewise, when night fishing, you need to be able to see the deck but you also need to be able to see the water. And when you are under power it is especially important to keep the lights low enough to not interfere with night vision.

All SCM-DL downlights can be dimmed using a standard ON/OFF switch. When you turn the lights ON they ramp-up to full brightness over eight seconds. Quickly toggle the switch again to set the brightness.

Sleek Low Profile Design

On top of everything else, the SCM-DL looks awesome. It has a sleek, low-profile design with a white powder-coated finish that looks good on any boat. It is ultra-thin and includes mounting hardware that allows it to be mounted in places bulkier lights won’t fit.

What are You Waiting For?

Thankfully, the bad old days of boat lightning are behind us. Today’s boat lights are both bright and energy-efficient. Not only that, you now have color options including two-color and full-color spectrum lights. They are also dimmable and look great as well.

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below to upgrade your boat cockpit lighting today!