Underwater LED Yacht Lights

Cool Red SCR-24 Underwater LED Yacht Lights.

Shadow-Caster SCR series underwater LED yacht lights for yachts and large boats that stay in the water.

  • 5,000 lumens for the SCR-16 in Great White
  • 7,500 lumens for the SCR-24 in Great White
  • 4″ Round Bronze Housing Fits Almost Anywhere and Retards Marine Growth
  • SCR-16 Color Options: Great White/Bimini Blue Combo, Bimini Blue, Ultra Blue, Aqua Green, Great White, Cool Red
  • SCR-24 Color Options: RGB, Great White/Bimini Blue Combo, Bimini Blue, Aqua Green, Great White


scr-16 | underwater led yacht light

Single and Two Color LED Yacht Lights

The SCR-16 packs 16 LEDs in a 4” diameter round bronze housing that produces up to 5,000 lumens of light. It comes in 5 single colors, Bimini Blue, Ultra Blue, Aqua Green, Great White, and Cool Red. Additionally, there’s a two-color version that gives you both Bimini Blue and Great White in a single color-changing light.


SCR-24 underwater led yacht lights

Single and Two Color LED Yacht Lights

The SCR-24 gives you 24 LEDs in a 4” diameter round bronze housing that produces up to 7,500 lumens of light. It comes in 3 single colors, Bimini Blue, Aqua Green, and Great White. It also comes in a two-color model that gives you Bimini Blue and Great White in a single color-changing light.


SCR-24-cc underwater led yacht lights

RGB Underwater LED Yacht Lights

The SCR-CC gives you 24 RGB, LEDs in a 4” diameter round bronze housing that produces up to 7,500 lumens of light. The SCR-CC will produce 16 pre-programmed colors with the supplied momentary toggle switch or a full spectrum of colors using a Shadow-Net enabled controller such as the SCM-ZC.

As the sun slips below the horizon you make your way to the helm. A couple of taps on your Multifunction Display and your underwater LED yacht lights to transform your transom with beautiful blue light. Your wife hands you your favorite cocktail as you settle in next to her on the aft deck lounge for another romantic evening under the stars. Next week your friends will join you. But tonight is just for the two of you.

As fish begin to gather in the light you feel the stress melting away. This is so relaxing. The two of you talk and laugh like you did when you first started dating.

More Than a Yacht

Your yacht is your refuge. Your place to unwind. It’s where you go to get away after the hectic work week and make memories with your family. Your yacht is the perfect place for a quiet dinner party with friends or to reconnect with the ones you love.

You love it even more now that you’ve added Shadow-Caster underwater lights. It’s amazing that a pair of lights only as big around as a 2-liter soda bottle and as thick as a picture frame can light the entire width of your transom.

LED Yacht Lighting

Love your yacht even more with underwater LED yacht lights from Shadow-Caster. Not underwater boat lights. Boats have narrow beams and are usually pulled out of the water after each use. By contrast, yachts have wide beams and only pulled out of the water for maintenance. Yachts need lights that are brighter and made from materials that resist fouling.

Better by Design

You’ve probably heard that Shadow-Caster underwater lights are ‘pricy’. It’s true. Shadow-Casters are more expensive than other brands. They are more expensive because they are designed to last using only the highest quality materials, electronics, and LEDs available.

Shadow-Caster underwater LED lights are engineered to maximize both light output and LED life. Every light is built right here in the U.S.A. using the highest quality materials, best electronics, and of course the brightest, longest-lasting American made LEDs.

It all starts with the beautiful bronze housing. Bronze retards marine growth and helps to move heat away from the LEDs and into the water. Cool LEDs are brighter and last longer. Your lights stay clean for months and shine bright for decades.

Thermal Protection circuits monitor internal temperatures and reduce power if temperatures get too high. This protects your lights from the damaging effects of too much heat.

Reverse Polarity circuits stop electricity from flowing through your lights in the wrong direction. LEDs are sensitive to the direction electricity flows through them. Electricity flowing in the wrong direction, (reverse polarity) damages the LED. Reverse polarity circuits protect your LEDs from damage.

Surge Protection circuits stop temporary high voltage spikes from damaging the LEDs. Turning on or off electrical equipment can send a high voltage spike through your boats electrical system. Shadow-Caster uses the highest quality circuits available to protect your lights from the devastating effects of these high voltage spikes.

To check the fit and location of Shadow-Caster Underwater LED Yacht Lights on your yacht, download the PDF here, print at 100%, cut out the image of the light, and tape it onto your transom.