SCR-24-CC | 265 Colors | 7500 Lumens


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SCR-24-CC Color Changing LED Light

The SCR-24-CC is a small, powerful color changing underwater LED light for boats and yachts. The round bronze housing measures only 4″ across, but puts out an amazing 7500 lumens of light. That’s 3 times more light then the SCM-10! The SCR-24 is perfect for yachts and large boats with wide beams. It gives better light coverage, with fewer lights, then lower power lights.

Up To 265 Colors

  • 265 Colors When Paired With The SCM-ZC
  • 16 Pre-Programed Colors When Used With The Supplied Switch
  • 3 Times More Light Then The SCM-10
  • Compact Size Fits Almost Anywhere

Two Ways to Control the SCR-24-CC

The first uses an integrated toggle/ push button switch to change between 16 pre-programmed colors.

The second uses the Shadow-Caster Light Controller to tune the light between 265 colors and so much more.

Toggle/ Push Button Switch
An integrated toggle/ push button switch is included with your order. Quickly change between 16 pre-programmed colors. Dim your lights, strobe them, fade them, or make them flash in your chosen color.

Shadow-Caster Light Controller
Shadow-Caster Light Controllers put you in complete control of your color-changing lights. Change colors, dim, fade, strobe, or synchronize your lights with music.

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