SCR-24 | 3 Times More Light

SCR-24 underwater lights

SCR-24 Series: Small But Powerful

The SCR-24 series of lights from Shadow-Caster are a small but powerful underwater LED light for boats with a wide beam. The round bronze housing measures only 4″ across but the 24 LEDs give an amazing 7500 lumens of light. That is 3 times more light then the Shadow-Caster SCM-10 series light!The SCR-24 is perfect for yachts and large boats with wide beams. More light means better coverage with fewer lights, across the wide transom of yachts and large boats.

  • Get 3 times more light behind your yacht.
  • Get 3 times more light for attracting fish.
  • Get 3 times more light to outshine other yachts.

The SCR-24 comes in three colors. Bimini Blue, Aqua Green, and Great White. There is also a two-color model that gives you Bimini Blue and Great White in one light.

Compact Size Fits Almost Anywhere

At only 4″ in diameter and 0.63″ thick, the SCR-24 fits into areas larger lights won’t. Add light where you never could before such as step hull boats, multiple outboards, or wake boats.

Built For The Sea

The SCR-24 is built with a bronze housing and a scratch-resistant glass lens that protect the light from the corrosive effects of saltwater. Bronze is also excellent at preventing the growth of algae, barnacles, and other marine life. For additional protection, the lights are fully potted, (filled with silicone), so that they can never leak.

Boats Are Hard On Electronics

Marine electrical systems are hard on LED lights.Transient Voltage Spikes wiring lights backward, or operating them out of the water will quickly destroy poorly protected LEDs.

This is where the SCR-24 truly shines. The engineer who designs Shadow-Caster lights has over 22 years experience designing marine lighting systems. The SCR-24 uses only the best available internal circuitry to protect the light.

  • Transient Surge Protection (Protects the light from voltage spikes)
  • Reverse Polarity Protection (Protects the lights if they are wired backward.)
  • Thermal Throttling Protection (Protects the light when operated out of the water.)