Update Marine Electronics For Better Performance

Lowrance Elite-5 Ti, Update Marine Electronics

Update Marine Electronics

When fishfinders were first computerized the only way to get software updates was to buy a new model or send the old one back to the factory. Not anymore! Software updates are now available right from manufacturer websites. You can simply download updates right to your home computer.

Lowrance has released a new update is for HDS Gen3, Elite-5 Ti and -7 Ti units. The biggest advancement improves how the Surface Clarity features work.

Sonar transponder beams on modern fish finders are so strong they clutter the signal close to the surface making it hard to spot baitfish. Adjusting the unit’s surface clarity filter reduces the noise but also eliminates the fish and baitfish echoes as well. The new software update enhances the surface clarity filter’s ability to distinguish between the noise/clutter and the targets you want to see.

Now, owners of these Lowrance units have a better chance of seeing schools of baitfish and the predators stalking them across the whole top half of their display.

Other improvements with the latest update include the ability to control two independent live sonar sources, the ability to control audio equipment on HDS Gen3 units plus the addition of SonarChart Live and Plotter Sync on HDS Gen3 and Elite-Ti units.

You should update marine electronics at least once a year. These improvements will make your unit more efficient, faster, and just plain easier to use!

You can read more about the new Lowrance software updates in this article by Allan Tarvid on www.louisianasportsman.com.

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