Video: Color Changing Transom Lights

The Power of Light

Watch this boat transform into a racing light show as it speeds through the night. Twin color changing transom lights shift colors creating mind-blowing effects in its wake.

All You Need to Transform Your Boat
Shadow-Caster SCM-CC-EXT (Color Changing) lights.
The marine grade power toggle/push button switch, provided with the lights.

How It Works
The power toggle turns the lights on, off, and changes color.
The push button changes the SCM-CC between modes of operation.

  • Strobe: Strobe in the current color.
  • Blue to White Fade: Fade from white to blue every 20 seconds.
  • Color Fade: Rotate then fade each color, every 20 seconds.
  • Flash: Flash in its current color.
  • 4 Color Flash: Flash each of the four colors.

Colors can be synchronized with above water lights with the addition of SCM-ZC Zone Controller.

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